Flash intro for IDEA:Furnitures design shop (WIP)


I’m currently working on the website of a french design furniture shop located in Tunisia.

As this shop have a specific visual identity, i have to pay attention to colors etc… respect a genral mood over the entire site…

I just worked during these 2 days on an intro, the boss (a woman) told me about an idea of a character walking with pictures appearing…
The character animation and render is made with Maya and then everything else is Flash.

This is just a debut of work, the room pictures are in fact not photos of the shop or products but 3d pics that i had on my computer (just for testing) (and not made by me…).

Better to download the swf file because i hadn’t made yet the preloader and the other pages…

http://daftbinaries.250free.com/test-intro.swf ( 472 ko )

edit : http://www27.brinkster.com/flmfiles/test-intro.swf (mirror)

C&C are welcome



1st i got some message from 250free that i can’t get the file from an outside link because of it’s more then 250Kbs or something, 2nd time it worked fine.

Question, Is there any way to have like IK in flash without making my own script (if available by scripting, i’m not that good with scripting, but i guess it can be achieved that way)?


i never heard about a script that can do inverse kinematic but it truly possible to write one ( i admit, i’m not really good too in AS scripting :slight_smile: )
My character is made with maya so i didn’t had too much complication apart the timing.

About the hosting i add another address on my first post…


Both link are not functional, was dissapointed from not seeing the work…

Btw, is it IKEA OR IDEA?


Shink2k27 : That’s not IKEA but IDEA

Okay, it seems that those free host servers are not very performant…

Here is an updated version of the file with new sounds and photos :

http://www27.brinkster.com/flmfiles/intro.swf (i can download it so you should too…)

Hope you’ll like it



I think the animation takes too long, especially for such a small amount of action. The character’s animation is also a bit jerky at the start and it doesn’t really look like it needs to be there. Maybe if he was a bit more involved, such as pointing to the pictures as they appeared would be more interesting.

The colors pink and orange seem to blend together too much and it just makes them look washed out when they intersect.

But the worst problem are those circles that try to follow my cursor, I kept trying to move the cursor away and it made me feel all frustrated and stuff. It was that bad that I wanted to leave the page as fast as possible.

Otherwise it looks nice as a whole, but it’s definately not good enough yet.


Cool to have some words, thank you for that point Roman, i’m working on it actually ad i think i’m going to make my character act more, just for entertainement (pushing buttons and pictures appear…or run and fall on the ground…) .

I think you’re right about the circles following mouse, they’re very big and useless :slight_smile:

The thing is that it is my first flash animation, i seen a lot of flash stuffs around the net and i’m very inspired but it’s kind difficult to have a visitor point of view of your work… hopw you see what i mean :slight_smile:

I’ll post an update as soon as possible with the first page of the site.




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