first work with am


Hi :slight_smile:

this is my first work with am… i’ve started a few days ago… it’s not much… but is growing :slight_smile:



He has some character already, nice work.

It looks like his mouth is missing in the profile view?

Also, you could do with using 5point patches under the mouth rather than the three point ones. At the moment you have a lot of splines converging and it is leading to a crease. If you run the spline under the mouth a little lower and give it its own control point attaching it to the central spline then you would get the two 5p patches. You might want to make some virtical splines deviding up the lower lip and chin a little more for greater control and to make the 5p patches look more pretty.

Also, you have virtical crease above the eyes there. I don’t know if this is intentional but if it isn’t then it can be solved by making the patches of more even size. At the moment they are kind of bunched up at the front there.

Looks good though. I like the simplicity of having the nose as the top lip.


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