First Woman Is Thinking....., Godzi (2D)


Title: First Woman Is Thinking…
Name: Godzi
Country: France
Software: Painter Photoshop 7

Work did with tablett wacom on photoshop and painter :wink:
I wanted to do something strange and to give a kind of reflexion in the eye of the lady

Some goddess is thinking about creating something …

( sorry for my bad english )
Critics are Welcome of course !!! ( colors, contrast etc… )


wow, good job. This is yet another of my fanboy posts since I can’t see anything to crit about. It looks so simple and yet so perfect, like it alot. She doesn’t necesarely looks kind though, more liek gazing, and sinking deep in her thoughts, wich I think suits the image. Really no c&C bout lights and contrast just that you oughta keep it as it is :slight_smile: Only minor minor crit is that the reflection in here eye looks bit pixelated, for the rest :thumbsup:


Wow, thank you Astaroth ! I think you are right for the pixel in her eye, I put it without specific effect and it’s a little " flashy" because the whole pic is pastel like.

But again thank you !!! it’s sooo cooollll critic !!


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