First time Alpha Channel user needs help


Please notice this model:

Circa 1963 Coca-Cola Vending Machine

It was done by a Freelancer in Maya and then uploaded and rendered in the Sketchfab site.

Now, I am trying to figure out how to replicate this part in 3ds Max:


This is what I have done, intuitively -and probably wrong.

(1) Created a surface, colored it red.

(2) Next I have tried to apply the two attached files in different combinations.




My question above may be reworded and simplified.

Can somebody please provide a link to a very simple example of how to use the Alpha Channel?

If the 2 files are 32-bit PNG it would be closer to my case.




When I do a “Send to 3ds Max” from Maya, see below the material topology/flowchart generated by the receiving 3ds Max.:

I guess my main problem is this: How on earth to have the background red?




That links points to very promising material that I should have read and learned a while ago.


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