First steps in photoshop drawing, all help needed


Hi there, first time postin’!

So i decided to fainaly do a drawing of something in colors and photoshop, its rathernew to me and i wanted to post it here ask you for help,critic and guidance to hit highest i can right now, hope that makes sense
So here is what i’ve got so far:

And using this as a refrence

I relize i flipped the back exsast but i think ill keep it that way. so right night im trying to work on both of the exsast because they seem abit off location but unsure, so is thier circles and after that add the wheels and work on the wing thingies above them.

so… what are your thoughts about this?


What is the goal for this image? An illustration? Concept art? Product visualization? What do you want to accomplish with it?