Finding a Script or Writer


Where’s a good place to buy or get a written script or writer?


Try the writer’s guild … or other locations where writers reside. may provide alternate sources.

There is also a Canadian writer’s guild, and scripts can be registered with the association and they would have a list of writer’s with associated scripts. The American counterpart may have the same.


I don’t think the WGA are likely to be much help. They have to be agnostic amongst writers and they know very little about how appropriate a writer is for a given creative challenge.

I am reminded of the old definition of a producer - ‘A producer is a guy who knows a writer.’


Thanx for the 411- I love writing but am not very good at composing a clear idea (scatterbrained).


I’m a writer.
What are you looking for?


I’ve got an idea bouncing around but am not sure if I have the time at the moment to attack it- it’s Scfi more or less, fiction- have basics but am having trouble with the Denouement and story arch. So I decided to start sketching the things I do know and brainstorm- that’s where I’m at, for the moment. have any sample tidbits>? and what theme or type of writing do you prefer?


Check your PM :slight_smile:

As to theme, I write anything that inspires me to fill a bunch of blank pages.


I’ve reached the semi finals of a couple of screenplay competitions. What type of material are you looking for?


Hey there,

I have written a feature film that I am now looking for a Producer/Production Company to become invovled with. I have had interest from 2 uk companies but they are not quite suitable due to the scale of this project. Both the screenplay and artwork are 100% copyright to me. Please view my youtube link of my concept artwork slide for the film. If interested, please contact me via the email address at the end of veiwing.

Many Thanks.



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