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Please post your Final piece with your name below. Make sure it’s uploaded in your portfolio in order to be considered for a prize.

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Start Here! - Ring of Elysium Xtreme Survival 2D & 3D Challenge - Rules, Details
WIP Submissions
WIP Submissions

Ismail Wamala
Final Entry: Alfonso Escape Gear.


George Matsikas here aka Scifart.

Well, here’s the final result on my Sylvia ppl! Fully modeled + textured + rendered. I choose to go with this skin and call it Goodnighter like your opponents can kiss their existence ingame goodbuy/night eaghh :] Tried to go with a slightly stylized postapocalyptic theme like she found that stuff around and made them work again [sort of]. I made a bunch of iterations with her colors which you can check out here. Thanks for watching and luck to all ppl!


Rémy PAUL alias Alpyro.

Hey hey. Good job Ismael and George. Here’s my final.


Bohdan Lvov from Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

Thanks for such an awesome challenge, warm welcome on CGS forums, helpful comments and @Ismail for being so responsive and helpful in WIP thread!

MOAR images and stages (which mostly doubles WIP thread posts):


Ring of Elysium Xtreme Survival challenge
Final Entry is 2D illustration: Sylvia escaping volcano mayhem
Marek Mazur

Second Entry is 2D illustration: Aerial volcano escape
Marek Mazur


Ring of Elysium - Xtreme Survival challenge
FInal submission - Alfonso escape scene…

Avishek Banerjee


Ring of Elysium - Sylvia redesign 2D - Final submission - Jonathan Wenberg


Jeffrey (Jeff) Talbot
Final Submission - Bradley Redesign 2D

So I decided to redesign Bradley with the theme of fire protection/fire fighter. Was an incredibly fun brief that I really enjoyed exploring. Hope you like the result and best of luck to everyone else, there’s some killer work in this thread!

I have all my work up over here including some colour sheets I didn’t get around to showing in the WIP thread.


Pavlo Savchuk (aka Zegalur)
FInal submission - Escape Scene (Alfonso)


Marcin Soboń
Final submission - OPTION A - 2D Alfonso escapes


(edit: just made some small color corrections)


(Edit: decided to make some final touch-ups for horizontal version, it’s not changing much, just polished some details)

link to portfolio:


Jessica Ferry | pnutbutterprincess
Final Submission - 2D Sylvia with Grappling Hook


Jens Fiedler
Final Submission - Option A - 2D Sylvia with Grappling Hook


Marat Usmanov
Final Submission - Option B - 3D - Sylvia new uniform design

And final high poly:


This is my final submission. i hope you like it and good luck to everyone!


Natthaphong Deeworakit (Pae Dee)
Final Submission - Option B - 2D - Sylvia new uniform design


Gordeyev Dmitry
Final submission - option A - 2D (Alfonso)


Paul Drummond. Final entry option A - 3D

I thought there would be a few entries with the volcano in the background, so instead this shows the effects of the eruption. A high angle also emphasises the danger.

Once finished I realised I’d composed it as a wraparound book cover out of habit.


Sergei Krylov (sqroll)
Final submission - OPTION A - 2D Sylvia escapes volcano eruption

my portfolio:


Pavel Tomashevskiy.
Escape route.