Film Lighting for 3d Artists - The Green Knight


Hey guys

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET academy

I’m sharing another videotutorial from GarageFarm.NET and link to more detailed article

In this tut Marco goes over common lighting techniques used in Film, and how they can help in both showcasing your 3d characters and helping drive the story behind your image. Featuring a 3d rendition of someone who may somewhat pass for Dev Patel in The Green Knight.

Link to a more in-depth article on the subject -

00:00 - Introduction
00:28 - Key Light
00:58 - Fill Light
01:34 - Backlights
01:52 - Ambient Lights
02:19 - Light Softness/Hardness
03:19 - Managing Exposure
04:02 - Some words on a recreation of the Greenknight Teaser Lighting

I hope you will find it useful :slight_smile:


I’ve been studying this area for a long time, it’s very interesting to me, so thank you for this post!