fhVmapConvert - Clones on Weight Map -


Quite a while ago, F. Hoppe posted a download link to the great little tool - VMapConvert - he had developed. Unfortunately the link does not work anymore so I would like to ask the community here for help to get access to a download of fhVMapConvert. Thank you TOM



This here is the thread I am referring to ::

This plugin / tag must be on someones hardrive - any help ?!


Dont have the plugin but maybe this could help? Not sure if you are aware (or if I understand exactly what you are trying to do) but its possible to use a vertex map thats generated from Fields to drive your cloner/matrix. You can start with a matrix object and a mograph weightmap. Then in the weightmap activate fields. Set up your vertex map that way and then use a plain effector to make your clones visible just on the vertex map. Apologies if this isnt the result youre after.


Hi Joel, Thank you for the reply, Fields, as I know, where introduced with r20 and I work
with a version prior to that.


I see. Good luck then