Ferrari F430 (WIP)


My new modeling project.

This is not much but I promise you more soon.


Nice start. Get crackin’ and post an update!


Thx man !

I’m working on it but I have a big problem with my mesh
On the pictures you can see a fold of the mesh after meshsmoothing but I don’t know why and I don’t want it to appear. If you have any idea …

Thx in advance


Remove the red edge and add in the green edge (basically you’re taking your solidifying edge and moving it to the other side.

This should take care of your problem.


I followed your advice, here what I’ve got know, but this didn’t solve the problem …
Maybe I missunderstood



Be sure to merge your verts so you end up with quads (see pic below).


You tell me to merge the red with the green vertex, but if I do that my mesh will exactly look like my first one. So it doesn’t solve the problem. Maybe because there is some triangles instead of quads. I don’t know…


Ferrari Logo

Rear view

Front view

Test render


I’m curious to what part of the car that is. it might be the triangle area. instead of having the long area be triangular shape merge the vertices so only the inside has the bevel.


This is what I mean. Hope it clears things up a bit.


very nice model…i really like it…but looking at it seems like ya have some odd shaped polygons but i’m wondering if ya go into the inside shape and take out the hole quad there so that instead of having a triangle you only have one line, if that would help


Thx for your advices it seems to work now, no more problems.

The following is a small update.
I made a test render I will post later.

Some tweaks to do before go on.

C&C are welcome


Here is the render test



I making a pause on the main part of the model.
So I modeled the rims


The render test looks awesome! Got the official ferrari artwork look about it, well, other than the center division line thats still visible.


hey man before doing render tests and such, I would fix up your model, there are a lot of innacuracies, and bumps everywhere, if you want good results ina render you need to have a good model with clean flowing reflections and such, right now I can see bumps.

The whole front end needs fixing, its not accurate at all. the lights are the wrong shape, so are the intakes, and the hood/fender curvature isnt right.


@Snowstorm : Thx. About the center line still visible it isn’t the case now. Before I just made a mirror and that’s all but from now I use the symetry modifier and after that a turbosmooth.

@Pan3sar: Yes you’re right but, but sometimes I’m fed up with modeling so it is good to make test render to watch a bit the result of the work. For the mistakes on my mesh yes I know there is a lot especially on the rear. For the front part, you tell me the curves are incorrect, but I can’t get the good one because it’s difficult to see it on the blueprints or on references pictures.

I join you a overview of my mesh.

–> Smoothed
–> Mesh


New updates:

For the moment the back window and the doors are not finished
If you see mesh errors or wrong curves show me


great modeling so far :wink:


Thx man

Small update

High detailed images (3000*2250) like that it is possible to see the errors I would correct

Image 1 : Front
Image 2 : Back

Enjoy !


another test render
The paint looks too flat so I need to work on it.

Bigger size (1500*1125)