Feel there is something generally wrong with my portfolio


I hope no one mines if I just post a link to my entire portfolio instead of just showcasing one piece I need help with. The reason for this is because problem I have is not with one particular piece but with all my artwork in general. I just feel there is something off about them. With most of my work I get a feeling of stiffness,(maybe is the way i do my linestrokes?) if the painting is overdone/underdone, or maybe there is some fundamental flaw i’m not seeing or the designs is not interesting enough, but I can’t really put my finger on it.

I don’t know if I should improve my designs, diversify my portfolio more/less, or if I should work on fundamentals.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone would take the time to look at what I currently have, and point me to the right direction I should take with my work/ or start over.

Here is the link to my portfolio: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php/325109-Concept-Artist-Character-Creature-designer-Peter-Lin


I can see what you mean. It does feels like there’s a lack of balance in how your approach a lot of your images. There are some areas that are selective detailed and look fine, and there are areas that don’t require a lot of detail and you kept them simple, but then there are those areas that feel like they should have been rendered to a higher level of finish but aren’t, or the overall image feels like it’s just a bit too rough and a bit more detailing/refining would make them look more compelling.

One exercise you can do is to do master copies of works from artists you really admire, so you can get a good feel of how they balance their levels of detail in their work, and incorporate what you learned to your own work.

Your line work is on the rougher side compared to some artists, but it shouldn’t be that hard to make improvements if it bothers you. Just add another layer and do a more refined version of the drawing on top that cleans up the details more, and you should see instant improvements.

When approaching line quality, try to consider that line weight can be used to convey different attributes. For example:

-Thicker lines for the shadow side and thinner lines for the lit side.

-Intricate details use thinner lines, thicker lines for sparse details.

-Larger objects use thicker lines, smaller objects thinner lines.

-Heavier objects thicker lines, lighter objects thinner lines.

-Concave curve use thicker lines, while convex curves thinner lines.

-Nearer objects thicker lines, distant objects thinner lines.

-Some artists like to use thicker lines for the silhouette contour, but this is a more subjective choice.


Thank you for your reply and for the time you spent to evaluate my work. I will definitely work on all the weakness you mentioned and spend a longer time rendering my painting and refining my linework, and see where that will take me.


I’ve been working on this piece to improve my rendering. For this piece, I wanted to try finish something a bit less simple than the things I normally don’t have trouble rendering tightly without overwhelming myself, the I gradually try more complicated things in the future.


Looks good. It’s cohesive and balanced in the level of finish.


Just want to drop by and say thanks for the help again. :slight_smile: