FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges!


That’s a great image. If you work a bit more on the leaf transparency and contrast a bit more the light it will be a masterpiece. I will include in the gallery showcase soon !


Piper’s alley entry (mixed with an old one if I remember well) is beatiful. I will add a bit more of fog and also make the street a bit more wet. The lighting is very interesting even if I cannot understand where the blue light is coming from /the one in the wall) I will just dime a bit the total light in order to contrast the image a bit

The windmill is wonderful. Texture are great (I will just age a bit the pans and the wood of the window). I find also the "rock(?) in font a bit distracting and I would get rid of it (it shines also a bit too much). Great work indeed



Thanx for the feedback JoJo, I tried to make the changes that you advised me… let me know what you think.

Nature morte v3


Having a go at the Natural History scene. The idea is to go for an early morning scene. Still got a long way to go with uv’s, textures and shaders. I was going to wait to get more completed before posting a picture. But some pointers and criticism would be greatly appreciated,



I ran into a lot of UV related issues as well as problem geometry. Keep an eye for geometry that has “appear in reflection/refraction” disabled.



My first attempt at the first challenge. I look forward to comments :slight_smile:


@hgagne = Will keep an eye out for that. Biggest problem for me so far has been normal issues. Where is has been modelled in Maya and duplicated then scaled -1 to flip it, in Max the normals flip also. Spent a lot of time flipping normals back the right way around.

@redwatty = Beautiful. Very realistic. Well done.


First attempt at the Christmas scene, I would like to add some tinsel maybe? I kind of wanted to add snow outside the window but since it’s dark you probably wouldn’t see out.


hey i’m new i wish to join this forum please guide me through :slight_smile:
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hey man! thank you!


Matinee - Martin Maravattickal

It feels good to participate in this after many years. I started doing ‘Matinee’ and would like to get notes from Jeremy.



Hey guys I’m new here and recently finished some courses at TDU, I was wanting to start with one the challenges but the ones I downloaded don’t have any texture in them, is it normal or am I downloading the wrong ones? Or perhaps each of us should texture them?
If it’s not too much trouble anybody could point me to those scenes that do have texture in them, I’m working in Maya btw.
Sorry if this was already answer somwhere and thanks again these forums rock!



Hello and welcome!

For the most part most of these scenes are not textured. For the most part Material and texture creation are great things to get into when learning how to light. If you look around especially at some of the more recent challenges the textures are supplied but for the most part you are on your own for creativity. Clint’s challenge has some amazing textures by the way


Thanks! I will take a look now.


A little playtime with the bedroom scene.

3ds max + Vray.


After a few years I re-textured and re lit the old challenges… I have not uploaded the old ones anywhere though… Looking forward to valuable feedback…
Softwares : Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter, Nuke


Another one…
Softwares : Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter, Nuke


One more…
Softwares : Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter, Nuke


In order to max the feedback on the challenge, the old thread will be again closed and this will be back again the thread where you can post your work about past challenges.