FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges!


Hi, I tried this Bedroom scene.
Hires is in here.


@ jdtranetzki Really great images I will add a bit more of ambient light in the foreground of both images to add a bit more contrast to overall image. Which renderer did you use ?
Really curious to see more !
@ kosingcg very good image ! can you post the breakdown of the lighting ? The only thing I will change is the shader of the heater which is too clean :wink:



Thanks Giorgio. Thanks for the input.
I used maxwell renderer. I have a few other scenes rendering and will post soon.


Hi Giorgio, thanks for the feedback.

I used areaLights for each window with mi portal light, mi physical sun for the main light. I rendered 2 images, a fog layer (though the fog is hardly noticed, will make and edit for my second render) and an RGB render.

I comp it in nuke and final retouch in photoshop.

Will make another version for the new texture of the heater with noticeable fog and post it maybe later.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Here is my edited version, added some contrast and visibility of the fog:

Hires can be found here.



Hope you all like it!
Because It really took me a very long time to finish as I have texture every single model in the scene and remodel some of the model.
It was a pain doing but it was very meaningful because I learn alot of things while doing it!
Thank you for providing the most awesome factory Models! :smiley:

Done using Arnold Render.


Hello all! I wanted to share a short animation I did using the Carnival Challenge scene. This was done in Maya and V-Ray. Thank you to Dan Konieczka and turbosquid’s crydrk for the assets



Hey there,

This is my final image for the urban decay challenge. I couldn’t manage to do it until the deadline but i wanted to post it anyway.

About the light setup it is pretty simple, a direct light from the top coupled with a big area light to fill the dark zones. Some GI is used too.

Feedback will be welcome. It was a super nice challenge and I have been really excited to see great images to come out while i was working on this scene !


Wondering when its going to be the next challenge


next challenge will be online very soon :wink:


I have used this model for the lighting exercise assessment for my rendering subject with Vincent
Rossini at the Design Centre Enmore, Sydney.

We were required to submit two shots of the same scene from different angles and include depth
of field.

We use Solid Angle’s Arnold render and Preston I have enjoyed being able to use your model for
this exercise.

As it is a lighting assessment there are no textures and I have used Arnold’s aiStandard shader for
basic colours with diffuse, specular and refraction.

The background is a HDRI image from hdrlabs called Helipad GoldenHour, author Blochi.

My aim was to light the interior for sunset. There is a aiSkyDome light with a directional light
place where the sun is on the HDR image to create the directional light and shadows. The interior, overhead lights
are Arnold’s aiArea lights with a ramp into the emissions of the geometry to see the lights. I have
also adjusted the colour temperature for the lights.

The depth of field and blurred windows has been done in Nuke.

I have improved the horrible blur edge that was in the window of the first shot. It was from the roto in Nuke and the shot has been replaced. There was a problem with the output from Nuke, there were two shots when the exr had been opened in Nuke and it needed to be one shot. I was also able to get a better edge by using the matte option in Arnold and redoing the render.



I’ve done a couple of the older challenges - both are Maya \ Mental Ray

This is the “Enchanted Forest” :

This is my contribution to “A Light Before Death” :

I would appreciate any critique that experienced lighters could offer. Thank you!


Wanted to push the limits of what real-time rendering can do. So I’m starting with the first challenge from , the bowl of fruit and doing it up in Unreal 4.

Modeled by Dan Wade

Texture/Materials & Lighting by me :slight_smile:



Nice work dmorrison,


sorry for the late reply. I really like your fruit challenge entry ! I’m always interested to see real-time-rendering since I’m a firm believer that sooner or later the “real-time” and classic render will merge in some way. The bloom effect is cool, the overall aspect of the fruit is a bit too “mirror” reflective and also the SSS of the grapes is still not comparable with non rt render, just to notice some detail. I will be very happy to see a small movie recorder like a turntable of the fruit to see how it look like.
Really lovely :slight_smile:
A light before entry is very cool. I like the subtle light fron the left of the image and the overall contrast. The light from the lamp see too strong in comparison with the room lighting probably you can try a version with a bit of dim on that.
About the Enchanted Forest, the volumetric lighting still need a bit of work, but it’s really alovely start, The mushroom shaders probably need a bit more of work, you can try to add a bit of (also fake) SSS . The idea of the butterfly is really good :slight_smile: I love it
@toleary. You should try to contrast a bit the overall image and also to make the shade a little less strong. Great start so far
@miwo the atmosphere of the image is really great, I will add a bit more light in the front in order to make the reflection of the water a bit more visible and probably you can add a it of volumetric effect also in the front part of the image
@nate2016 I cannot see the video, can you reupload it ?
@jenzonblopy. Can you reup the images ? it seems some links are broken
@kosincg some shaders probably needed a bit more work, since the furniture on the left is a bit too bright and also the weights are too polished and reflective. I really love the wood floor and also the diffusion of the light :slight_smile: really good


hi ,this mah first time to show my work .plz be comment …


mah v-ray render… :bowdown:


Here’s mine for the bedroom scene:


Hi! Here is my first rendering challenge, a few months old. IBL and a personal light rig (no physical). Would love any critiques or comments!


Hey guys! First time here, so be gentle (just kidding all feedback is critical)

Feel free to give any sort of criticism, I won’t take it personal!
And thanks for your time in advance.