FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges!

  1. camera too low
  2. lower reflectivity


Single directional light and mental ray



can anybody please provide me Lighting Challenge #30,31,35 maya scene files .



Here’s my texturing and lighting for the Bedroom lighting challenge, even though I am late on my submission. Any feedback is warmly welcomed! Thanks for checking out my work.


Hey everyone. I’ve made a start of Challenge #25: Artistry. If I could get some feedback I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance :)!


I can…
Old Fruit Bowl done recently…


Wow, beautiful job on the grapes :)!


Awesome Scene this was! Too bad I don’t have the time to do something more dramatic and moody.


Looks like a Macro Shot, Nicely done :applause:


thanks for attention.


The green a wee bite saturated but I like the look of it.



nah, I’d say skip the volumetrics, edges still too clean…
your light on the ground would bounce and hit right the right wall, don’t get a sense of it.

texture feels flat.

Value study too gray, adjust values by 2 steps

tree in middle of shot not getting illumination from either window??? or it is backlit driving it into silhouette which I don’t think is right because illumination should be also be from left window as well.


You have no experience in Photography,have you?


pls post lighting breakdown :slight_smile: it can be very helpful for giving feedback


Hey I’m just saying, you can take that how ever you want, values were a rough call, still somethings felt off again textures, and illumination doesn’t seem to make sense but hey since your a photographer and you seem to know so much about it go out find an abandoned hallway or industrial complex, snap a couple of photos and replicate it and then you can talk about green your saturation is…


Hi Guys, bedroom work in progress image, some textures need to be done and i have rendered intermediate quality so the image is a bit noisy , suggestions are welcome.


Why you mad.

The tree is not receiving any illumination because it is directly in front of the window, also because it being back lit by the sun light coming trough the front window and there is no fill light to lighten up the shadows.

The light is not bouncing back from the ground because I am using 1 bounce for final gather.

everything is subjective and the results i have got in the render are deliberate and planned.

I would have taken your criticism seriously if it did not sound so off handed and condescending.

Will post a break down soon


pls keep calm. We are talking about lighting and rendering and we all want to learn more :slight_smile:


comments and suggestions are welcome


Not a photographer by any stretch, still building skill on photography.

Assuming you’re looking for feedback:

[li]Seems like some light from the left window would cast through the foliage around the post making the leaves a bit more translucent.
[/li][li]Is there light (flash?) coming from behind the audience (viewer)? Seems like the areas blocking the light could be darker.[/ul]