FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges!


hi all
Here is my test
I hope that you like it


My attempt at “The Carnival” lighting challenge. Used Maya and V-ray.
Bokeh achieved in After Effects using Frischluft Lenscare.



remove DOF, just pull, or reduce. Actually I’d say just pull because you don’t need it.

Also very unsure about composition, I understand horses to left and pathway leading into shot but giant blurred DOF, no payoff really. I’m a bit unsure about where the emphasis of the shot is, whether it is the merry go round or if it’s carnival, if it is the merry-go-round, I’m unsure about composition then.

sky looks like it needs more gradation, from lightblue to darkblue, can’t tell.

besides that, play with color pallette more, instead of going crazy with ferris wheel colors try applying that to merry go round.

play with a few different camera angles.


@tarnishoar I actually love the scene Its like a miniature set. I don’t know if thats what your going for but its really cool. Id love to see a little more variation in the grass maybe some spotting. Maybe push some more small details to sell that miniature look would be awesome. Lighting is very nice.


Thanks for the feedback James and Preston

I agree. There is no single subject on focus which makes the composition confused. I had tried a few other camera angles before with some close-ups on the carousel. Maybe that could work. Usually a bokeh works only when there is a subject close to the camera. I chose this camera angle so that I could show more of the environment.

I got the same “miniature looking” comment from another friend. I didn’t intend to make it look that way. But if it looks appealing to you, that’s purely by chance. I could perhaps try another camera angle with the carousel closer to the camera. The grass looks flat I agree. Will add some variation in blade length and light.


A different camera angle


LC #32: Architectural Landmark is closed, but I can’t stand :wink: posting out-of-challenge version of Farnsworth House:

Have a Good, Blessed New Year!!!


Dear All,

   I have tried lighting the cabin. comments and critics welcomed



Been a while since I’ve participated in a lighting challenge, I miss you guys!

Had some down time at work today and decided to take a stab at the old eyeball challenge. I think this is the first one I ever did way back in like 2006?

Not crazy about the eyelashes, maybe I’ll redo them if I revisit this :slight_smile:

Max, ZBrush, Vray, Hairfarm and Photoshop.


I have completed this a while ago but I thought it would be great to get some feedback on it. I added a skull model other wise the scene is pretty much the same.

If you click the download button it will open a bigger image in a separate window.

Additional credits: Skull model by Insun Kwon


Lighting surfacing and compositing: Myself
Skull model by Insun Kwon
Fruit models by Dan Wade


Hello everyone, :wavey:

I am completely new to cg society. Please anyone guide me that how can i participate in lighting challenges.


Starting from here :wink:
Also for downloading the models belonging to new challenges you just go in their own thread :slight_smile:
Hope this help


Can someone be kind enough to re-upload the MAYA scene file for Lighting Challenge #27: 52 Main St. ? Wanted to give this a try but i am not able to download the file from the original thread. Thanks in advance.


Unofrtunatly I dont’ have in my archive folder. Pls can anyone upload it ?
Thanks in advance


Still need this? If so, send me a PM.

  • EDIT *


Sent the files over to you.


Looks like none of the old challenges are posted…Can’t seem to get ahold of challenge 28 to the recent one because I wanted to work on those over the summer.


I will have a look at my pc folder as soon as I will arrive home and try to post it :slight_smile:


That would be cool

I know challenge 28,29,30 don’t work I think

I dunno what happened to 32,33, 34



i just faraway from lighting challenge…hear start from old challenge,need ur feedback