FEEDBACK: Post here your take on the old challenges!


This is the ongoing thread for posting your takes for the challenge present in the archive.


If have a nice, clean version of some of the scenes imported into your own particular 3D software package, I’d like to host more file formats.

For example, if you’ve imported Challenge #1 into Softimage|XSI or CHallenge #2 into Cinema 4D, and your scene could make it easier for other people with your brand of software to get started with your challenge, I’d like to share it.

If you have a challenge scene imported into another file format which would be useful to a large number of people, then please clean out any textures or lights that you added, make sure the objects are grouped in a logical way, compress the file as .zip or .rar, and send it to me.

If you have a website, just post here with the URL where the new file can be downloaded. If you need other ways to send a file, PM me and I’ll reply with an e-mail address or FTP address for you to use.




Hi… I did this first challenge after I bought the lighting and rendering. I thought the first challenge has closed already. That’s y I didn’t post it. Thanks for the chance that provids by jeremy… I took all the real texture of all the fruits. And few spots lights point lights and a area light. Raytracing shadow map has been used here… The grapes has done of mentalray sss shader… C&C welcome…


Great idea.
I’ve tried most challangest myself but due to time constraints I usualy don’t finish them and hence don’t like posting anything I know I’m not going to finish.
So here is an attempt to light the eye that I never posted. It was mostly done as a practice for inderect lighting setup and compositing via XSI’s built in comp. This was the first pass on it and then life got in a way :slight_smile:


Here is the composite tree for this: Comp Tree



Just did this today, had dabbled at the challenges before, never had time to finish one. Then I got Digital Lighting and Rendering for christmas, which is teaching me lots. Heres the fruitbowl, and I think Ill do another tommorow. Done in Cinema 4D, post in Photoshop. Rendered in passes.


Wow I couldnt even wait till tommorow. Well I guess technically its tommorow, but for me today hasnt even ended yet. Heres my go at the bottles challenge. Now Ill still have time for even another tommorow! Cinema 4D, multi pass, to Photoshop…
Whadya think?


Taxman9 - Welcome! Just because there are several challenges available doesn’t mean you have to dabble in all of them. If you pick one thing that you’d really like to make a “portfolio quality” scene with, then you can focus on that for a while really make something you’ll be proud of.

ShadowM8 - That’s a nice eye! If you’re going for perfection (and who isn’t?) see if you can nail that transition between the tearduct and the eyeball. Look at a real eye and instead of a black line between them you tend to get a more organic gradient from the pink to the white. Maybe more of a close-up wouldn’t reveal the lack of eyebrows and such, too?

Liumiao19820823 - Good work! I think a few parts are a little “glowy” like where the grape is under the banana but it still looks bright. Nice shadows can really help define some of those shapes better. The grapes seem to get reflected in the plate, while the cherries and orange are not reflected in the plate, you might want to look into why that is.



Yes your right, I really should slow down and really put some effort and attention into one of them and make something half-decent… But im off to Florida for a week and a half so nothing more for me for awhile…


[left]Hello every one this is my image


Taxman9 - Look forwards to seeing more when you get back.

Kain-Hazem - The texturing needs work, but you know that. In terms of lighting, I think the fruits need more shaping: some definition between a light area and a darker side. See how far you can get by lighting the whole scene with just 1 light, and adjust that light and its shadow to define the whole scene as well as possible. Then, after that, keep that first light as your key, and just add fill or bounce light to complete the scene, but make sure you really love your key by itself before you go on. You can post 2 images, the first showing just the key, if you want.



Hi Mr. jeremy you are very nice man
this is my new image i hope it nice


Here is a slightly updated version of my very late fruit bowl. I actually did post it a month or two ago on the original thread, but nobody saw it. I guess it should live here where it might actually be critiqued :slight_smile:



YourDaftPunk - I like your image! That’s nice work already. I’m glad we started this thread so that everyone would see new posts. The bright highlights on the screen-right side seem a bit overdone and distracting, but maybe that’s just the framing. I just edited this comment so it didn’t sound like I was suggesting too major an overhaul, but I think the sense of directionality (having just one clear key light) could make the lighting a little stronger and simpler in that case.

Kain-Hazem - That latest image is very flat and bright without much shaping to the fruits, maybe try fewer lights and see if you can make a more simple and clear image.



Thank for maintain open the old challenges.
I’m learning with the 1st one.

The Orange and grapes are procedural, all the rest is bitmap.
Tha fabric is a material downloaded from Maxon.

C&C as always are very welcome.


Meteoro -

Good start! See if you can get things like the leaf to look more translucent, maybe just letting some green light into its shadow and brightening the less-lit side would do that. Making the grapes translucent is harder, either change the shader or use a volume light emitting a little ambient.



I have tidied up my original attempt at the fruit bowl. My first go at it can be found here.

This is the new one.

Please believe me when I say the texture of the material that the bowl rests on is purely coincedence that it looks similar to Jeremy Birns.

I like the orange, grapes, the colour in the scene is a lot crisper, the cherries are cherryer.

Let me know what you think.



Hi, well, until now I felt a little shy to share my opinion about other people work (because english is not my first language and I’0m new in this) but I think is nice to get an opinion from others, so I’ll start to share my thoughts.

So buggsy take my words with a grain of salt.
Both are really nice images, the actual is much more reflec/spec and is an improvement imho.
The orange texture is better now, and the dof is good for me.

The cherrys are just fantastic but I don’t think that match the rest of the image mood.

Well I will post an update, I change the grape texture, the apple and peach too.
I have to work with the leaf, is not finished yet.
I think that the frabric is not so good, maybe the next one I’ll change it.


Background changed, and the leaf textured.

Let me know what you think!

Edit: Jeremy, I can give you a c4d file of this scene to add it to Let me know if you want it.


buggsy - That’s looking good! I think the highlight from the left makes me expect more of the light and shadows to come from that way too. Right now the shading on some places like the apple is brighter on the right, and the shadows are cast downwards. Maybe the highlight is too harsh in places, the cherries look somewhat like cough drops and the specularity map or reflectivity map (whatever’s in the highlight on the apple) seems very high-contrast.

Moteroro - Nice scene! The sheen you’re getting in some places looks good, defining the apple well. Some of the highlights seem a bit hyper, especially the ones on the bottom of the pear where the pear should be in shadow? I don’t know what that shadow on those 3 grapes to the left is, but that looks strange. Rim lighting is nice, but in some places it goes too far, especially where it runs along both sides of those askdan fruits in the back.

Regarding the second one, the leaf texture is nice. I liked the old fabric better personally though. See if you can make the leaf look more translucent and get back the sheen on the apple like in the first image.

Sure, I’d be happy to host a C4D file (with just the models not the lighting of course) if you want to give me one. Send me a PM with its URL or PM me and I’ll send an e-mail address.



Hi I’m reading through your Lighting and Rendering book for a second time…Good stuff!! I thought I should implement some of the things I have learnt…starting with the good ol’ Fruit Bowl.
I went with a classic still life painting style. I started by framing my shot, then lighting and then lots of fun with texturing…all Maya Proceeduals. I’m happy with the apple but the grapes were hard to get the translucence? correct.
Thanks for doing the book and the challanges they are great!