Feedback for fantasy sword


Hello CgSociety. I am a selftaught artist and this fantasy sword is my latest personal project. In spite of the fact that I am happy with the final result, there is something wrong with it. I don´t really know what it is and I need someone with more experience than me to review it.


gorgeous work!


Thanks bilbob!


nice work, maybe get some where and tear on that handle sense it has square edges, show me the edge that is taking the most wear from the grip.

Good job


Buuuffff…This is so old.

Well… thanks to show your opinion but this artwork is outdated. I even removed it from my portfolio. Since you showed interest I will post here some of my recent projects (you can find them here:


Awesome before and after. Some fast growth as well congrats


Thanks Travis! I have started to love 3d more and more. Here you have my last work:
I only did the High poly model because I just wanted to test some design ideas.