Fear of the dark, Patrick Beaulieu (3D)


Title: Fear of the dark
Name: Patrick Beaulieu
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hi Guys !
Here’s the final image created for the strange behavior contest ! Its a strange creature, a mixte between, a crab, a worm and a deer. Thats a big monster living on the earth, but he got a problem… he’s affraid to be alone, cause fear of the dark… So every night, this big monster cry till the sun come out :).

So hope you will like it,
Good luck to all other contester to strange behavior challenge !


Hi, as always a great and funny concept for the characters! cool stuff dude! congratulations!


Nice one PAT. Im jalous of how your hair and color look so good! I the final composotion look great. It’s incredible how you can make something as good really fast!


oh poor little guy, i’ll adopt him! (do you think he makes good coffee, heh)
wonderful work, well done. :slight_smile:


Ha ha… I love this charakter… Great
work… as always. The look of your
chars is always something special…
So great and funny! 5* from me!


Another great image and composition. Plugged.


haha what the face xD

strong compo again congratz :slight_smile:


dude thats an awe some combination! :slight_smile:


Wow, the second I saw the thumbnail I immediatly thought “Pat Beaulieu”. Very impressive work as usual.

Très fiable! :wink:


When I saw this I knew it was yours. I guess the only critique I have is that you are way too good; I wish I had your skills!


Great job! I love it! :smiley:

Any large renders? Wouldn’t mind having that for a desktop background (or the chicken in your avatar). Great style. :slight_smile:


love it , funny, such a great look in his eyes.


wow!what a good job,nice image!so like it!:thumbsup:


Awww what a funny little guy! I love his little crab legs…congratulations !


nice work, brilliant


nice work. I am currently working on a shortfilm about worms and your work looks inspirational.


Like it a lot like most of your works! Very well done.


Great work! Old remake :twisted:


Once again man !! Pfff :slight_smile:
So great job (again) , love it (again) !! ^^


Good job Patrick! I like the idea, and the finish. Simple but brilliant!