FBX export help


Hello. Is there a way to export .fbx the same way as .DAE does wih only used keys animations (PSR stuff). May be there’s some plugin which work same way?

Here’s animation example scene where all works just like it should:
Eye.c4d (373.0 KB)

Here’s exported fbx:
Eye.fbx (58.5 KB)
If I delete here Scale animation keys it works as it should be but I need this .fbx with already done it while exporting goes.

Here’s .DAE exported:
Eye.dae (23.5 KB)
Here’s everything works how it should besided the fact it’s not .fbx…

Any help or tip are appreciated)


I’m not clear on what the issue is with the .fbx but have you looked at NitroBake?


There’s unnecessary scale amimation keys which fbx exported by default and collada - doesn’t.
Didn’t try NitroBake and actually don’t want to spend 50 euro for plugin which could may not fit to my needs.


Just checking back to see if you were able to resolve this issue? I’ve not seen this behavior before with an fbx and I’ve exported my share over the years.


It’s still an issue for me at R21 and R20 works the same way…