My mistake for missing the previous message on the judging date.
Sorry and Thank you.


My mistake for missing the previous message on the judging date.
Sorry and thank you.


still no results:cry:


you can read on previous page, its on april 17th, i hope :smiley: i already forgot about it, i think its a bit too long waiting : ))


Contest image sighting - the impressive Dubai ones are one of the highlights of the latest modo newsletter:

Luxology should have probably waited a couple more days though because it would be more impressive to say what that imagery won - and it will be surprising indeed if those pieces don’t win something. :bowdown:


Aww, big congratz to alvin…Honestly i hadn’t seen all the images but seeing the top one with the aero plane really drove it all home i think. its so freaky

pure admiration…

Agreed on the poor timing, though i suppose i can wait 2 days…(15th here)

suggest separate 2d/3d categories for next contest…



Hmm…so who gave those images to Luxology, nVidia or the artist? Just wondering about the contest rules for not posting outside of this thread?

…not that I’d find it really funny if he was going to win but got disqualified for breaking the rules on the last day…honest:p


With the exception of the top image, the rest are just thumbnail size and in the discussion thread over at Luxology, they just have links to the contest image threads over here.


Hi guys
:cool: Just thought that I need to clear things a bit before it gets out of the way

I believe that’s only the monthly news letter from Loxology, it has nothing to do with the competition or result. :cool:

Congrats to whom ever won it!
But any way, thanks for compliments. :beer:


…and the top image was created for Luxology threads only, isn’t part of this competition.:cool:


thanks for clearing that up, really nice image BTW, great composition


Where are the winners?
Today is 19-04 and results for scheduled for 17-04, right?


*** delete ***


PLease, can anybody tell me, when they go to put the results?



the results for this were posted about a year ago…


sorry wrong question, My question is about n vidia surreal, please tell me something about that. thanks.


Then I think this other thread is the one you are looking for.