"Fall of OZ (Working Titel)" looking for Concept Artist


Dear CGTalk-Community,

We are students in the 5th term of digital art from Berlin. Our current project is a cinematic style trailer of a fictional Wizard of Oz adaptation. It is going to be fully animated and is following a semi-realistic style of game trailers like ‘Secret World’ (The one with the crow-people).

We have a tight time schedule and need concept artists for moods, character sheets and storyboarding.
A more detailed synopsis to the story is added to the end of this post.

If you feel interested please send a mail to daniel [at] thejitter [dot] com oder a pm

The Fall of Oz

A shadow has fallen over the world of Oz.
The moment Dorothy left her best friends changed. The darkness hiding in the depths of their souls unleashed. Everything that gave them strength was twisted in the most horrid way.
From that day on the demons within them fuelled every of their actions. When the Scarecrow and his followers rose to power there was no one left to stand against them. Enslaving and murdering everyone in his way the ruthless tyrant burned Oz to its foundations.

Bones and bodies piled up along the yellow brick stone road. Rivers have turned their colour crimson red and a veil of ashes blocks out the sky.
No one but the schizophrenic mastermind himself knows what most sinister plot he is planning to unfold.

Now several years have passed and Dorothy returns to stand alone against the merciless king of Oz. She fought all her way through the corrupted lands to the very centre of the Scarecrow’s reign.
In these defiled halls of the Emerald cathedral the Scarecrow waits for the last pieces to fall into place.

The destiny of Oz is the hands of the girl facing the demons of her friends – a fight to the death - maybe even beyond…[/i]


Im Quang Nghiem, 24 ys, i lived in Sai gon, Viet nam
Im very interesting in conceprt artist, Director film and Storyboard job , I worked with role was copywriter from 2007 to now.
I have read many books and magazine about GFX, game interview , trailer , movies , music of Euro, American, Asia ( China) and i can design something that according with what you need
my email : buiquangnghiem@gmail.com
MSN: nghiem.buiquang@hotmail.com
Hope we can partner , or at least a friend
Ps: i like germany - your country :slight_smile:

Quang Nghiem ( Rei)


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