"Fair trading ?"


Insane Deadlines thats for sure.

Can you tell us a bit more about the production?

Did those 5 days include everything done by you alone? I mean Modeling, Shading, Lighting and Render.

Anymore artwork you can also share? Storyboards, Rough Animations tests etc.

To be honest didn’t noticed any sloppiness and you should be very proud of this achievement :buttrock:


I worked about 15 days on it - the last 5 were at 18hours/day (and I didn’t look very good anymore :slight_smile:
Yep, within that time I did pretty much everything from storyboarding to uploading to Youtube. (Lots of tricks up my sleaf :slight_smile:
But now matter how the images look, I always find music quite crucial - it is for sure half of the films strenght. (Thats what my teacher use to say at the academy)
My good friend Frederik never lets me down on that, just like he did for Plankton and hopefully for 850 as well.

As important is feedback; the initial animatic of the film was quite different, less ambitious and less strong. I dropped it after a few close people had doubt and wrote a new story.

Right now I’m a little busy on an episode for Oasis, but I will see for some extra (making off) stuff asap.


As for the sloppiness: at the end of the shot where the big guy drinks, the image freezes. :wink:


Didnt see anything wrong and absolutly loved it.
Music was perfect!
15 days is pretty crazy congratulations!


I find the spot refreshing in style - both visually and story-telling. It does what a good ad should: it plants the claim as the story’s resolution… here as a question. “Fair trade?”

That’s not only clever, its effective. The viewer is left with a question echoing throughout his/her daily encounter with cofee. Combine that with a catchy jingle.

To be overtly critical, the one thing that stumped me a bit (and that only mildly) was the role of the man in the white shirt and tie. After repeated viewings, I think this figure represents the consumer. If this is the case, I feel that the business-man dress doesn’t read as well as he could as contrast to the huge ocean freighter’s (quite successful) presence as big-business. Mental exercise: imagine the coffee drinker guy replaced with a woman in curlers and bathrobe. May be the man in the shirt and tie represents normal business?T hat’s about all I could muster in way of criticism… and there are things to be said in argue of the man… there’s a feeling of suspense as to his ambiguous intentions.

Congrats on a great film!


Thoroughly enjoyed this. I love seeing what Messiah can do. I am also always happy to see a good animation.


I loved it! Love the style and feel!


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