"Fair trading ?"



I’ve just finished a 60 sec short film, made for a ‘good cause’ competition.

The film is animated in Messiah (Using Mr Vegard’s autorigger) and rendered in Lightwave. Initially I planned on producing it fully in Messiah but since this project happened next to my work on Plankton Invasion the TV series, 850 Meters (My first shortfilm who got funding from the Flemish goverment recently) and my Writing/directing job on Oasis (A french Korean CG Animated series) … I didn’t have the time dive into PMG’s renderer and to change my “plankton” pipeline.

For 850 Meters the pipeline will be changed as the film is planned to be fully Messiah produced - PMG is supporting/participating in that adventure :slight_smile:

To see “Fair trading ?”… click here.
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Hope you like it,



Loved it :bounce:

Great Designs and Renders, the Animation style is very effective IMO.


Eggcellent work. And you did it in nearly record time too!


I love the feeling you give this little guy. So hard working and the fact that he is the “little” little guy is awesome. Really well done. Can’t wait to see what you come up with on these other projects you mention.


Brilliant concept and short!


I love the scene where the little guy with his cockleshell meets the huge cargo ship. :scream:
The movie’s style is outstanding!


Great work Joeri! Looking forward to the other projects too!


I liked it. Very nice feel to it. Didn’t quite get the end though, the bigger boat thing…


Really cool style.
Is that 1 Real coin in the end?


I think its representing a massive corporation coming in and messing up the balance.


WOW amazing, funny work. reli got da message through and cant believe u managed to do this, whilst doing all your other projects. 2 thumbs up for da finished work and 2 toes up for the time management. lol


Thx for the great responses, guys.
Reactions like that pay off the 5 18hour/days I pushed to reach the deadline.
Worked about 2 full weeks in total on this. You can feel that I was running out of time, when you look at the coffee machine sequence - some editing sloppiness, not fully rendered frames that seem noisy… but I’m happy the end result, the fact that the film made it to the letterbox in time and especially that the story comes across nicely.
The little guy competing with the big cooperates.
I hope to find out this week if it won.

Besides my contribution for a good cause, this was also a very good research for 850 Meters - my first (stereoscopic) shortfilm that is now officially funded by the VAF - flemisch audiovisual funding.

Fair trading is not only a good excersie for the look and style I’m directing 850 in, but also for the pipeline we are currently prepping for that. Vegard and Mr Fori himself are supporting this production and are currently developping stuff in Messiah to help creating a (hopefully jaw dropping) fully within Messiah produced short film. :slight_smile:

More on that later - I’m starting on the teaser this week. We’ll keep you posted.



Wonderful work! I really like the look and style of this video.
However I have to add that the message is quite blurred and not at all clear.
Still dig your work on this one.:slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing it with us!


I’m not sure I liked the charater too much, but the message is very clear.

Also, you have a very good story telling style, specially in The Plankton Invasion.

U know how, where and when to use the cameras and music.

I watch a lot of crappy short films time to time over the internet. Sometimes they have good characters, sometimes very nice lighting or plot, but the thing that lacks most is the story telling part. U have that, and I think that’s not very usual, at least in the animated media this days.

I’d really love to see a feature coming from u in the near future. Best of luck man


:thumbsup: Nice Style


Maybe to you it is but not to everyone else, so therefore it isn’t clear enough.
I showed this to folks and it was interesting to hear what their take on the “message”
was intended to be and the interpretations were not unified and as a matter of fact ran counter to each other’s. Still a very well crafted and good bit of viewing and excellent work as usual.


I just got the news that the film won the ‘befair’ competition - the film will now be used for their good cause mission for global fair trading!

Mission accomplished and I’m having a coffee to celebrate! :slight_smile:


ah, yes.
(more text)


congrats Joeri ! great short!
did You use messiah 3.0 on that one or did You move to 4.0?


4.0 and used Vegards latest autorig - I rigged extra facials and customized it a little.
Vegard an me are currently working on the Knight’s rig for the 850 Meters shortfilm. Combining our styles and idea’s - where I bring my rigging methods from Plankton Invasion to the table, and Vegard taking those combined idea’s to another level.
It is looking very, very good I must say!

All this techniques will find their way to the future Messiah and Vegard’s autorig versions , probably after the short film is produced.

we’ll keep you posted!