Facial controlls following mesh problem


Hey guys.
I have been working as Character TD for some time, but for the past year(s) it was mainly scripting, so I forgot how to make facial controls to follow mesh. I remember there were hundreds of techniques(bindPreMatrix, follicle constraint, plusMinusAverage method and etc), but I felt the easiest one was follicle constraint. So here I am trying for half-day to make work my control follow, but always hitting cycle… I am pretty sure it’s something very simple I am missing, so could somebody possibly point what do I forget? I tried to watch Steve’s youtube video and UIW 3d academy channels video, but still can’t figure out what am I missing…

*Sorry for messy painting, I did my best :smiley:

Edit: Where I wrote all joints are skinned, under main geo, what I mean is if you don’t use head_geo , then you skin all joints there, if you use head_geo , then you don’t skin joints which are going to be driven by follicle there. I hope, I didn’t confuse anybody there