Exterior Archvis


Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I posted here but just wondering what you all consider when creating archvis exterior scenes/shots?

I’ve been working on a few shop front exteriors and I can get the lighting I want ok but where I really struggle is getting good glass reflections and good glass transparency, the problem i’ve got it either having to fully model a shop interior if my glass is transparent enough or model other buildings to show up in my reflective glass windows.

Are there workarounds for this kind of thing? for instance at the moment ive got a fairly nicely detail shop in a market street scene, it’s just the shop front, with another shop at the right hand side and an archway for access to the side of the shop, i’ve got large glass fascades and modelled a few details within the shop such as a couple of tables but i’m struggling to get the balance right, I don’t really wanna model too much inside the shop but think I might have to, to really sell the scene.

On a side note i’m also struggling to get realistic shaders & textures, i’m currently using R13 (i know but it’s my old iMac and don’t have a newer machine or C4D due to my laptop breaking) and i’m using AR3 & Physical, I also have access to vrayforc4d that a friend renders out for me, but it’s really difficult trying to get realism.

If anyone could point me to a good tutorial or project file that I can really sink my teeth into to push the realism to what archvis should look like.

Kind Regards,!


If you don’t want to model out-of-view objects that show up in reflections, you can try using reflection maps that are representative of your scene. This might be a good place to start: https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/?c=outdoor

There are loads of resources available for free for these.

For the interior, if your camera is static, you can get away with textured image planes.

Probably also post your render progress so we can see where things could improve.