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Post your links to COFFEE and expresso expressions here.





plugin cafes Xgroups.


they arent plugins they are more of expressions but here they are the very useful h.ikeda’s modeling on the ground tools.

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XPresso(R8.1) and COFFEE expressions for R7.

Ground Null objects for modeling on the ground:
[ on the]( on the
[ Null for]( Null for

reference: already referred above.

Camera action of zoom & dolly:



Footprints Expression (R9)



Some of my free array Xpresso setups.


10 free-to-view videos can be found here:


Here are some Xpresso setups for generating Strobe, Pulse and Flicker effects in Cinema 4D.

Strobe, Pulse and Flicker


I have been putting up old website called base80