Export UV map as vector lines?



I’ve just completed my first texturing process in Maya; I laid out the UVs and exported the UV map as a 1024x1024 jpeg, I found this too small to work with inside Photoshop as I spent most of my time working at 200% with horribly pixelated images, for some reason I only realised after I had finished that I should have worked at twice the size and scaled down afterwards :blush:.

Anyways, it would seem convenient to have my UV blueprint in vector format so that I could scale them to any desired size without losing any line quality. Is it possible to do this?


I wrote a function to convert UV shell edges into NURBS curves which may be useful, but you’d still have to output it from Maya as some kind of vector format, and still load it into Photoshop as a raster/bitmap no? I’m not sure how you’d go about either of those things…?



Yeh I thought that about Photoshop too but there might be a way because if you use the text function in PS, the layer exists as a text file meaning that you can go back in there and edit it, but if you want to do any PS work on the text you then have to rasterise the layer, so if you can import UV data in the same kind of format as pre-rasterised text then it might be do-able.

If not, you’d need another program for it, something like Illustrator would help but that means adding more software to the process, there could be a small kind of plug-in for Photoshop that might work.


Are NURBS the 3d equivalent of vector lines?

I’m just reading an article and Photoshop does allow vector lines, paths for instance are vector lines, so it seems like it’s just a question of whether or not you can get the UVs outside of Maya like that.


yeah, Photoshop supports vectors in several places, paths, pen tool, shapes, text, lines, etc… however there is no way to actually import them as far as I know… I have an idea that you can copy a selected curve from Illustrator and paste it into Photoshop, but I’m not actually sure what the result is, and how that exactly helps us… :slight_smile:

and yes, NURBS are the “3D equivalent” of 2D vectors :smiley: :wink: (although they are far more complicated than Photoshops simple bezier curves).

it’s probably just easier to UV snapshot at a very high resolution and work with that, downsampling it in photoshop if necessary…



Not sure how or possible to do this in maya, but uvlayout pro has this function. It can export eps that ps can read. I used it a few time for the exact problem you had.


If you can use Nathan’s Nurbs thing with the vector renderer, that might work.


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