Export from maya to Online viewer of textured and lighted OBJs in highest Quality?


Hi guys,
is anyone here who knows the best way for exporting an textured and lighted scene from Maya in an Online viewer tool like these:


it says it only reads 3ds and objs…but the results i get, if i export obj out of maya are pretty bad…
what are the best shaders to use for? and do i have to go with a third tool for the best results??

all i got are black lamberts with missing textures…in maya i used PBS shader and phongs but it all came out pretty bad without linked textures and light at all.

would be awesome if anybody knows how to get really good results in WEB viewers

Thx and cheers!


Try Briovr.com

PBR, support light bakes from any path tracer. Viewport filters with SsAO, Bloom etc… Can get great looks out of it.