Exploded diagram animation - return to initial state


Hi all. I’ve been a Max user for years but not really done a whole lot of animation. I’m hoping there is a simple answer to this :slight_smile:

I’m doing a simple key frame animation of a product, where all of the parts (screws, panels, fixtures) move away from the main model to reveal the internals of the product. I’m looking for a quick way to return all of those parts to their original locations, as if the light quickly reassembles itself back to it’s original state at the end of the animation. Any thoughts on how to achieve this?


In simplest animation:
Select all animated objects
Select key at frame 0
Press Shift and move/slide that key to end of animation

If you have some simple animation (no camera movement, etc.) you will render same frames/images 2 times - unnecessary.


also, there’s ping pong…(out of range cycles)…of course, it very much depends on how you want to art direct the reverse process.