Experience with SIGERSHADERS



I am thinking about, buying the SIGERSHADERS Siger Studio’s XS MATERIAL PRESETS.
But the homepage lacks a lot of information for me as a new customer.


So my question is, are here any users who can write me some pros and cons about the plugin? Is it worth the money? Is there a better material collection for Vray out there?
Do you think the plugin is future-proof or a waste of money?

Thanks in advance.


Ive been using Siger for the past few years and these guys make absolutely fantastic materials, very simple setups and they have put a lot of research into their work. Highly recommend it.

If they dont have the exact marble or timber Im looking for its easy enough to use one of their presets as a base and swap out the materials - ill do this 95% of the time instead of building a shader from scratch.


Thank you. So you would say, it’s also a huge time saver? How is the integration in Max, any annoying bugs?