Exothermic: an innovative new design suite


Unique new features provide a powerful alternative to existing Vector & Raster tools

Reston, VA— September 28, 2021 — Exothermic is a groundbreaking new design tool. Instead of merely copying the competition Exothermic has innovative features like a completely non-destructive workflow, powerful node graph, compound shapes, raster paint brush and animation. Care was taken to implement these new features in a way that was familiar and approachable to users of existing tools. Industry standard file formats allow the transfer of data with other software in both Raster & Vector formats.

“I created Exothermic because I thought there was room for improvement in the 2D design space. Everyone else was making slight variations on the same idea, even the new players,” said Carter Cross, the developer of Exothermic. “My goal is to create a single environment that will act as a framework for other tools to be built on top of, all working together seamlessly.”

Innovative Features
Here are just some of the exciting new features of Exothermic:

Non-Destructive Workflow & Node Graph
Every step of the design process in Exothermic is saved as a node in a graph. These nodes are created automatically by working in the viewport, or by manually adding them to the graph. Users can go back to any node, make a change, and see all the subsequent nodes update in real-time. This means less Undo, and more experimentation. Nodes can also have their parameters connected to create complex relationships.

Compound Shapes
Interconnected shapes can easily be created. No longer are users limited to each point in a vector shape only being connected to two lines. Now lines can branch out and join back into each other.

Raster Paint Brush
Each brush in Exothermic also has its own internal node graph. This gives the user the power to create custom brushes. The brush can even be edited after the stroke has been drawn.

Practically every parameter in Exothermic can be animated. Keyframes can be tweaked with the curve editor and dope sheet. Combined with the non-destructive workflow, animations in Exothermic can create effects nearly impossible with other tools.

To see the full list of features, check out https://exothermic.io

Pricing and Availability
Exothermic is available to download now for macOS and Windows. It is free for personal use. A commercial license may be purchased via our website.

About Exothermic
Exothermic is a one-man company with the goal of creating innovative software that everyone can afford.