Evilsquid #DrawDecember Sketchbook thread


Just reserving my spot. :slight_smile:

As a note, all of my work here has been done with a WACOM Intuous 3 and Painter 2017… I sometimes forget to mention that.


Welcome, Make sure to say hey to other challengers and share your work as you go on your social network for better odds!

Good Luck!


Day 1
I decided to do a study for a painting Ive always wanting to do. This piece is inspired by the song “Can I play With Madness” by Iron Maiden… one of my favorite bands ever. This is about an hour of sketching with charcoal and painting with the oil paints in Corel Painter 2017 using my (ancient yet reliable). WACOM Intuos 3.


We are using the same wacom and program :wink:
Your friend seems in a dark place with madness, ehehe


Haha, indeed… I have some proportional issues to correct but I’ll tackle that when I revisit the painting…

I do love Painter tho. It’s just such a fun experience


Yes, but its a sketch so its supposed to have some things we didn’t count.
Its my favorite program, if it wasn’t for Painter i wouldn’t draw directly in digital from the start!


Day 2
FIgure study. Painter 2017 Charcoal and White Charcoal. This was a simple study of light and shadow on the form… ran out of steam on it.


Good figure study.
The most detailed part is her breast and sholder, ehehe


Day 3
Character study day… so, one of my favorite book series is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher… I decided to sketch out a painting (based on a reference photo from devianantart) of my interpretation of the story… complete with the role reversal of Harry to Harriet Dresden… behold, she has a western style and Bob the skull is a rams head skull…


The Dresden Files are awesome! My b/f had the audio books. Really interesting :slight_smile: Nice to see some work inspired by it!


My friend got my into The Dresden Files! Love the interpretation. I’d totally would love to see the sketch fleshed out some day ^.^


Day 4: some western architecture skecthing… in keeping with my previous sketch, I wanted to sketch out a Western looking setting… Im from Texas, so this stuff is near and dear to my heart. This is about a 20m study while being sick

… Painter 2017 and Wacom Intuous 3.


Day 5: A Hooter: Today I drew my favorite type of bird… an owl… just a fun drawing… they are deceptively hard to draw and I learn something each time I draw one.


nice sketch!


Very cool study!


Owls are such bizarre birds. You did well on your drawing though. It looks like your typical cranky / mean owl for sure.


Day 6: Posed Figure… I didnt have as much time as Id like to really refine this. Oh well…


Hey man, nice studies. Keep them coming.


I like your studies :slight_smile:


Day 7: Male Newd… figured since Ive done a few female studies, its time to do a male study… Painter black and white charcoal.