Ever heard about trim sheets? [SOLVED]


There’s been some time now that everyone is talking about trim sheets …
All I see is a combination of good old game-like tilemaps with kitbash details.
Weren’t we using those since, forever ?
Am I missing something ? Did I understand it wrong ? Is it technology or just a trend of workflow management ?


Thats exactly what trim sheets are.

Depending on studio, yes.

Looks like you got it.

workflow. I think the ‘trend’ part is just unifying the terms we use so we all are speaking the same language. I think the ‘technology’ part is just making sure your PBR workflow also translates to your trim sheets, instead of doing hero unwraps for every single object. I think maybe if you never worked in the industry on real projects then it might not have occured to you in the first place since overlapping uv’s get a bad wrap if you dont know that it can be an effective technique etc.

You could combine this with the recent ‘Texel Density’ term and create a solid workflow for consistency. Which again to veterans just means keeping everything at scale. In all honesty I dont mind the new terms it probably makes things easier in the long run since workflows can be coordinated between studios easier this way without long skype discussions about technical stuff.