Essay writing skills


Hey guys! I wanted to ask how I can improve my essay writing skills and was curious what you guys use. I can’t afford a private tutor, I can consider cheap essay writing services that will just do it for you, but I would like to hear other suggestions.
Thanks in advance!


I think that this blog will help you.


This is not really the place to ask or answer this sort of question. After all, it’s a CG forum. However, there are a very basic set of rules to writing any essay.

  1. Open up with the statement of your thesis in the first paragraph. IOW, this is what I believe and, in the following “x” pages or essay, I will prove it in such & such manner.
  2. The bulk of your essay should be going out of your way to prove your initial thesis. Others have tried to prove thesis “x” is false because of “p” and “q”. However, it is true because of “y” and “z”. You’ll go on like this with each block of paragraphs building your case.
  3. The conclusion to your essay should be a restatement of the initial thesis. IOW, because of the facts of “z” and “y”, I have proven “x” thesis to be true.

It’s not all that complicated. Just mind those paragraphs. Each paragraph should be about 5-7 sentences long. When presented with a new point to make, start a new paragraph. A paragraph, or group of them, should generally represent a single thought or point that you’re making.

Additionally, be mindful of punctuation and filler words such as “like” and try to avoid overused cliches. When forming an essay, also be mindful to not use internet shorthand. We all know the acronyms and find them to be helpful in text and on forums. However, you would never see things like IOW, WTF, BTW, OTOH, and so on in formal writing. Apart from appearing unprofessional, you never know who your audience may be or their level of familiarity with that slang.

Proofread everything that you write. Look out for words or phrases that you abuse or inadvertently use too close to the last. Some of our bad speaking habits tend to slip into our writing now and again. Be aware of that. Pruning out that level or redundancy or finding synonyms can often make for a cleaner read.

I cannot overstate this, NEVER rely on spellcheck. Seriously. Automatic spellchecking may do a wonderful job of finding typos, but cannot account for when you mistakenly choose the wrong word. “Its” VS “It’s” VS Its’". “To” VS “Too” VS “Two”. “Your” VS “You’re”. “We’re” VS “Were”. “There” VS “They’re” VS “Their”. ETC and so on.

Additionally, if you’re going to write down a number, formal rules dictate than single digit numbers get written out as text while anything of double digits or greater written out with numerals. For example: “Five of my friends and I ate nearly 23 burgers last week. Two of us puked up 10.” :stuck_out_tongue: There are exceptions, but that’s the old school rule.

Finally, if this is a formal essay, you may be required, at the end, to provide a formal bibliography listing your sources. Different citations may have different, unique formatting relative to the sort of information you’re sourcing. Research formal bibliography formats.