Essaie | inking 2d & 3d animation software


Between 2006 and 2010 I tried to make short films in 3d with Lightwave and TVPaint for textures and compositing.

A day I spoke about that with my doctor for my eyes and she told me to stop.

I invested in this time 20 000€.

Ten years ago the Kindle of Amazon appeared on the market, and my eyes problems disappeared with this little tablet, I searched on the web if other constructor made tablets with a keyboard,
to write not a story but maybe code in C, Java, Python or PHP.

In fact there are lot of brands for e-reader but 2 companies that create Eink monitor,
Onyx Boox and Dasung, I bought a Dasung monitor 13.3 inch and I began to program things and a little game,
in black and white, this monitor allow now more than 15frames per seconds and the technology evolve
every 6 months.

To do short 4 years ago I decided to create a 2d animation software to paint in black and white with the hope that a clone of gameboy appear for this market, for the moment there is just a market for e-reader
and other software in fact are androïd software that run with a different template or under a gray-scale screen.

So after hesitate between different language I decided to program a online 2d animation software in pure javascript and with a nodejs, ont he server side there is different libraies as the ffmepg, gif, png, jpeg.

the result is below and an open beta is here:

features as you can dream :

gold rules, perspectives tools, layers, timelines, symmetry on X and Y axis,
flip tool on X and y axis, rectangle and circle brushes, a tool to create you own brushes,
a tool to make cases for comics, there is layers to make 2d polygons and 2d polygons from beziers curves,
gradients tools in fact the software begin interesting to work and need beta testers.

the graphic interface is in bi-color and as a 3d engine the colored picture is rendered externally,
the main idea was at the beginning to create a software for pre-production and not really as a final picture,
the idea was to create plans of one or four seconde of 2d animation, It’s not created to manage minutes of films.

The button 3d don’t work it’s just to show a futur 3d engine modeler implementation from a tuto of a prototype babylonJS, the idea is to implement cell-shading project.

so an open beta here :