error when trying to invite someone to my network


just sent an invitation to a fellow artist (Simon Dominic), and this is what I got in reply when the page loaded:

Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO mailqueue ( mailqueueid , dateline , toemail , subject , message , header ) VALUES (’’, ‘0’, ‘’, ‘RafalH has sent you a network request.’, ‘Hello BaronImpossible, RafalH has sent you a network request, with the following request: Hey Simon, I hope you remember me from Epilogue? I’d be honored to have you in my “network” thingy You can accept by visiting: Or reject by visiting: Best Regards, The CGSociety (Computer Graphics Society)’, ‘From: (CGSociety Portfolio)’);

Whoops! Something strange happened with the database. An email has been dispatched to the Webmaster to look into."

I’m a amagnet for errors it seems :slight_smile:


I have the same problem but only if i put a text on invitation field.


Hi Rafal, looks like it’s sorted, but it’s weird. I didn’t get an invite until I went to your gallery. When I did, I got an invite and accepted it and it’s gone through OK. I think the way it’s supposed to work, the invited person gets an email and an option to accept on their own page, but I didn’t get either. Still, looks like it’s OK now (love that dragon BTW)


…just noticed - looking at the error message, I reckon the MySQL (or whatever) was confused by the double quotes around the word “network” - that’s my guess anyway.



ooops :slight_smile:

Yeah, good spot BarronImpossible :slight_smile:


should work with funny characters now


well, there is progress. this time it said “saved in gallery” (in orange, which is better then red, thanks!). the image isn’t showing up though, even after reloading the page. :shrug:


same thing with the second picture I just submitted. Is it because one of them had a “-” character in the title, while other had spaces in the name (jpg file)?


make sure you turn the image on for your gallery; It currently defaults to off.


I know, but the images don’t show up in the “uploaded images” at all either.


Im gonna try and invite someone of you to see if it works. Decline if you dont want me :shrug:


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