error in popwrangle


Hi guys,

Probably a long shot, but i’m doing some crowd work and trying to get my soldiers to move with a boat travelling on the sea. for some reason it keeps giving me an error in the popwrangle on the ‘vboat’ which is the velocity of the boat. Can anyone help?

many thanks,



I can’t barely see the img. Also what is the error msg that you are getting when middle click on the wrangle?


i think i’ve solved the error.

However my problem is, is that I cant move my source crowd with the movement of boats, they just stay in the same place, everything is linked up for them to move


without looking at .hip I cant help, too many variables.


i’ve attached a zip file to this thread with the file in, i think. If you could help that would be great. Many tanks.


if you cant find it,

here is a wetransfer link of the file