Eros & Psyche - The Movie


This thread is dedicated to sharing with you the production of the story of Eros & Psyche, and to seek out collaborations with modelers, cinematographers, voice over actors, and just about any other roles under the sun that this production will be able to afford and require to shine almost as bright as Aphrodite’s glory… because nothing shines brighter then the glory of the goddess of love… (hubris and all) ;]

This animation will be part of a web series re-telling the legends of Greek mythology. Beyond that, maybe the episodes can be strung together into a proper movie. Also, this production will be “limited animation” kind of like Archer, in that there will be no extravagant 200+ character Broadway musicals, so good cinematography and dialogue will be our focus.

Any help with this project will be rewarded with your name in the credits (if you so chose).
Thank you in advance for keeping an eye on this thread.

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very interesting and ambitious work mate. Looking forward to more progress. Do you think you should stylize the characters a bit more? Or you are planning to go realistic game cinematic style?


Thank you Ishan!
These characters are all pre-made stock and without serious modeling skills there is no way to alter them too much
other then slight feature adjustments (skinny, fat, round face… etc.) Maybe in the future with some funding it will be
possible to model more stylized custom characters. Guess it’s game cinematic style for now :]


Sure. Makes sense. Good luck mate. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ishan! :slight_smile:

“Blocking” the envious sisters:

Psyche was so beautiful that all the men and women in the land came to admire her while ignoring her two older
sisters. This did not sit very well with the envious sisters, who plotted against Psyche to undermine her popularity.


Blocking Bion the poet and Psyche’s admirers.

The story so far:
The fame of her beauty was so great that strangers from neighboring countries came in crowds to enjoy the sight,
and looked on her with amazement, paying her that homage which is due only to Aphrodite herself. In fact Aphrodite
found her altars deserted, while men turned their devotion to this young virgin. As she passed along, the people
sang her praises, and strewed her way with chaplets and flowers.
(source: Thomas Bulfinch)


Here’s the sequence for Aphrodite. This was the hardest one to set up so far because of
her expressive way of talking. The body language and facial expressions are not all there,
but hopefully the animatic works well so far cinematically.


Coming along well. So each episode is 15 mins? How many episodes per season? How are you planning to do animation - Mocap or hand keyed? Would be lot of work either way. Good luck man.


The story of Eros and Psyche will be a part of an ongoing online series of Greek mythology tales,
and it also serves as a pilot to figure out the style and production capacity of this project. It is all
animated by hand with some reference footage (rotoscoping).
This 15 min. flick is actually act 1, and the script is chopped up into 3 acts, or 3 episodes as each
one will be released upon completion.


Please enjoy a short clip for this month’s 11 second club competition.
Might be a bit of a sidetrack, but it should serve as an example of the animation style & quality for the Eros & Psyche project.
These two characters are the same one that plays the part of Psyche and the two servants :]




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Happy & prosperous New Year!
May the Eros within you raise your soul to the heights of Mt. Olympus, the adobe of the gods.


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Thank you for keeping an eye on this thread.
Here’s the first 4 minute clip from this project:


We’re putting this on hold for now and turning our attention to another, much shorter flick: Orpheus and Eurydice