Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Im now working on an animated title.I aim to create a sort of “infinite effect” for any text in the trailer.
The infinite fx is a visual version of the concept of infinity in axis city.


with background…



Just wanted to stop by and say that what i’ve seen of your stuff is really great looking!
I like your poster ideas, they’re really cool looking!
good luck!



hey I like the new stuff. Very dynamic.


Concept of eon space shuttle. enjoy


Yesterday I started modeling the Orbital Mini Shuttle.in the night (gosh) i tested the 3d space set and some quick animation to try camera fx and lighting.


Looks great I like it.


Looks real, though I hadn’t chance to see something on orbit enough close. How’d you got that noise (middle pic)?


TO cgnemo42:WOW! tnx! I hope to do a good job…and im encouraged by your comments! tnx again!

to Tenacious :Tnx! ummh…looks pretty but in animation does not work as i thought…mh
Im happy you like it! :slight_smile: your challenge is going to be great,so your comments are very welcomes!:thumbsup:

to riki: tnx TNX tnx! i need it!:love:

to kivi :NNAAAAA too kind! heh…blush!!! ok ok…mh…in this challenge photorealism is a must for me.In not so skilled in photorealistic renderings so i have to work a lot on render.
Anyway…space scenes are not to hard to do.I took a look to nasa websites and I have watched many space relate movies to choose the photograpy of the trailer (so the level film grain)
my favourite are (in visual terms): space cowboys,armageddon,2001 space odissey a second choice are :star wars new trilogy,AI,Lost in space,the fifth element and some more…
I obtained the noise using the film grain post filter of 3dsmax.Nothing more.
The final scene will have a more dusty look,with particle sistems on engines,sparks,asteroid small pieces,and space dust.


Some view of the space station 3d concept.


A pre visualization illustration.
another time to understand how about the trailer look.


Very nice look. I like the lights. The green in the boost of the shuttle is very cool.
Waiting to see it animated.


Ah, my compliments here too! Your work already live. Gonna watch this thread :thumbsup:


Hey neighbour. Looking good. Really like the shuttle design. You seem to be doing some really cool work here. keep it up. :thumbsup:


i really love the fourth chamber concept. looks great :wink:


some storyboard strip. The text for it is not yet written.
Anyway this is a good test to understand if the “movie” flow is clear.This is the first part of the trailer,i have read the book already…so i have to work on “general” scenes.Anyway im satisfied by the first trailer script,that is divided in three distinct areas.The division works in different ways.The first,work as an introduction,where we take a look about nowdays…(forgive my spaghetti english please!)






nice, short…aaaaaannnnnnddddd really good.


so,here the first part… the world life is calm…but… some thing is arriving…tv and radio trasmission are going off…radiotelescopes receive signals from various places in the world…an orbital satellite is obscured by a giant object…silence…a young guy look at the sky…and see it! the “rock” is there…End of the “intro” part.