Eon (Trailer) Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


:bowdown: :love: :slight_smile: …no words…Thank…


Yes.I agree,your work should be here.I’ll send too an email for let you post the trailler.


I have send a email to the administrator. Good luck man!



It would be a CRIME if your trailer wasn’t accepted due to CGSociety server problems. Fantastic work, fabio.


i guys, this contest it has been one great experience for me.
This night, when oz said me that is not successful to send the trailer, my heart for a few istant stop it , and i’m nearly sure to have seen the ‘EON singolarity’ to cross my room:eek:
Anyway i seen really really great job so good luck to all participants:beer:, and i’m crossing my fingers too in the administrator’s rules…:deal: !


To bad you coudn’t make it, but rules are rules!

Just kidding :slight_smile: :thumbsup:
Great trailer, lots of hard work and a very nice trailer - Good luck!
And of course your entry must quallify even if it was some hours to late!!!

Wote for OZ!




I just wrote the administrators myself now as well and asked/begged them to let you guys put in your final entry. There’s no question it’s been one of the favourite threads in the trailer side of the challenge (the numbers don’t lie :slight_smile: ), and since you were done I hope they’ll be able to allow some leeway for server issues. This one simply has to be in with the rest. You guys worked so hard!

Either way, though, congratulations on finishing!!! I just watched your final version and you guys absolutely rock. What a beautiful job you did. It’s great to see all those terrific models you built come to life. You and jimmydog both have some amazing skills, and you’ve been such an encouragement to everyone in this challenge, and it’s been such a privilege to have been a part of it with you.

Best of luck. I hope they allow it in, but either way you guys should be proud of what you achieved. Great job!!! Best wishes for the future.


I saw you have it in your portfolio. That´s it. If you asked administrators to add exactly this version, I think nobody will blame you for deadline fakeing. I think you finished and I want to see you in the list, otherway this challenge will have one big black point ( at least from me )…



Hey, OZ, did you see the earlier post from Mibus (one of the Administrators)? Don’t know if you’ve tried it yet, but I’d say just go ahead and try uploading your trailer via the CG Challenge Uploader. If it’s still accepting entries (which from what Mibus said may well be the case; it’s only been a little over 12 hours since the challenge closed, and he said it might remain open for 12-24 hours), then you may still very well be able to upload your trailer legally with no problem. It’s certainly worth a shot.


you make me feel like i have lost nothing!!!..guys…what an amazing support…im wordless…tnx…tnx! :cry:

…im happy as i cant hope to be…im sincere when i say that never…and i repeat NEVER…i was luky to work with guys that put passion and attention to them/other work as you have done…i appreciate a lot your comments on the asteroid explosion…it makes me reanimate the scene a make it better learning a lot of new things…if dont break any rule…i will post an hi quality version of the trailer on my personal webpage…you made me repaid of all the hard work done by me and jimmydog…i also wand mention two important person that take part in the trailer.

The mythical Lele Fontana that makes for us the very first audio and music tests establishing the mood of the trailer and that have done an unmachable work on voice recording an editing…too bad that i had to put it in the trailer without his precious supervision hiding his work.

I have to thank a lot Angelo Bordieri also,huo made the final version of the music with a complete different feeling from the original due to my change of the last minute on the trailer editing.He have developed a professional music in very few days!! Guys…he rox really!!


Yes…i have written to Mibus…:scream: TNX MAN!!!..and…huo knows…maybe maybe…


:scream: Wish you all the luck!



Wow bro! We didn’t noticed the post about the server issues you had! Yes man, we wish you all the luck! you’ve done such a grat job, you deserve it! :buttrock:


Like I thought it’s sooooo great really. Music, Lights everything. I like the Cameraangles.
Congrats. I wish U all the best…good luck. But I’m sure U don’t need it :wink:


:buttrock: anyway…guys i thank you!!! im happy now!!! yuuhuuuuuu!!! im taking a look (AAAT LAAAST I GOT TIIIIIIMEEE) to your works m8ts…and look you have done some brilliant piece of art…some rox in storytelling…other in artistic look…and other one in technique…everything is pleasant to watch…nice nice nice stuff all around… what a beautiful challenge is it…sniff…I’ll miss it and you all…but…i got an idea in my mind…hu hu hu.


did mibus open you a gate? di he? did he? i know what a desater the ftp usually is and i had to reconnect 4 times to upload my painting. what did mibus say? are you in?
you done a hell of a job and god, jesus maria and all who are holy this has to be in!
crossfingers and best of luck old friend!


OZ- your trailer is great- but I fear 90 secs was not enough time, and your best shots were cut way too short. Athough your wips were excellent, and led to many viewers, maybe you simply did too much…anyway that’s my 2 cents worth. I hope to see a better resolution version and my opinion may change…but great trailer! Anyway I bought this big bottle of Italian white wine, and I am now drinking it to you! Bravo!


Nothing to do…:shrug: …but im ok…Mibus explained me why i cant be in and is ok.I agree with him.This challenge was a cool experience till the end and i have nothing to complain about.

And…this situation dont made me down…i have just started a shot that i want dedicate to all the guys of this fantastic challenge and who have visited this “coffee taste” thread!

Just about the EON trailer…if i dont break any right i will post a long version of the trailer somewhere…maybe in my cgportfolio page.
As userBrian noticed,a lot of scenes was cutted or…cutted off for duration reason (what a bad english!OH MAN!forgive me!)
So i want to rebuild the trailer in his original shape with the credit animation at the end of the trailer and some details more,here and there in the trailer…as more accurate soundfx…

Thank you for yor attention to this thread…maybe we will see again in animation wip forum pages!

-OZ- Jimmydog Lele Fontana Angelo Bordieri


HUH :eek: Man, that´s bad. Well, what else to say. Just thank you for all your help and feedback.
And speaking about EON and rulez - you are able to present your work related to this book but you have to add a note about your inspiration (something like that was mentioned in challenge docs). Keep progressing :thumbsup:


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