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Hi everyone.
First post here.
This challenge is HUGE,in any sense,upon all the trailer one in my opinion,but maybe less difficult that the illustration one.
Yes…because putting all the stuff on EON in a picture is very hard…and so…becuse im a masochist and self destuctive :slight_smile: i have decided to put in the trailer,ALSO the poster of the ipotetic movie.Ummmh…for the first time from two years till now, I have time (better to say that Im hoping it) enought to complete a challenge…anyway…i hope to post interesting stuff for everyone,and that this place will be a funny one.seeya…(forget my english please)


Just a first view of thwe asteroid near the earth…this will be the movie poster too.



Hey buddy,

Nice to see ya in new challenge. You was a pretty busy huh? :slight_smile:
Many many luck to you!



to Maxko: Hey tnx! :slight_smile: Well…yes…very busy but extremely exciting!I find in this challenge a real push to incrase (or try to do it) my special fx skills.
Did you join the challenge?


Good luck in the challenge. I think it will certainly be intresting to see what is created for the trailer. =)


OZ: :slight_smile: I cant wait for your “new power” with new skills. Do you have some interesting skills with fx? I remember your skills in BoB challenge… especialy your speed… haha :slight_smile:
Regarding my entry to this challenge, I cant join because I’m busy… but I’ll be watching your thread.


to Darksuit: OH tnx! I think the same too. The way to face a work as a trailer is,make this challenge very interesting.There are a lot of new things to be considered in a trailer…brand new way of working…and different weights to be distributed between this and that factor…i mean…how much time have to stay on screen the titles…if the narrating voice have to be male or famale…and so on.

to Maxko: WOHAAA! the BOB challenge!!! :slight_smile: it was one of my favourite!!! geeee…hem…gosh!..no…im not so skilled in professional special fx…so i take this challenge as a chance to “lev.it up” (argh! sorry for my horrible hardcore gamer slang!).
ummmh…as you said…maybe my best skill is the speed…I hope is enought to complete this Super dooper challenge! It’s a sin that you have no time to run! (psss…pssss…im serious when i say that your avatar is one of my favourite! i can only imagine how cool can be an alien done by you for this project!!!)…anyway…hope you found something amusing here around.


Good luck with the trailer challenge and the illustration too. Yes, it will be interesting to see the different ideas needed to produce the trailer to attract people to watch the film. It should be fun! Hope we all have enough time to do everything. :bounce:


I’m glad to see that someone else is as sadistic as I am. :twisted: Lol. Gee you pushed that poster out pretty fast so I’m guessing you’ll get through this challenge if only due to exceptional speed. Looking forward to seeing some more stuff.


OZ: haha :slight_smile: yeah BoB challenge is one of my favourite also! I have some pretty long rest this summer from work and I need working right now… (its 4:15 am and im still working… bleeeh…) so, for that I cannot run with ya in this challenge… btw, im in game industry, what about you, you gamer slanger :D? And I really glad that you like my avatar haha :slight_smile: of course, your avatar is for ever in my mind and also your bloody hell speed :smiley:

Which softwares do you plan to use?


a 3d concept about the 4th chamber


[left]to Claireabella: GEEEE! looks to be an hard challenge from start till the end! in italy,for example, the book is very very very very and i have to add…VERY,hard to find.So…i got to plan the development of the trailer in an unusual manner,choosing what i cant stat to work on without knowing the entire story and what i cant. Very interesting anyway.So…good luck to you too! i see…you are in trailer too![/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]to Tenacious:TNX Tenacious!!!:twisted: he he he he …hope both us survive to this breaking experience!! cant wait to see some stuff from your thread!..mmmh…i got a bit of free time…i will surf on your pages earlier tonight.[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]to Maxko: 4.15??? AM??? OOOH MY FRIEND!!! so im not the only lone wolf working by night! and in italy is FULL MOON too! :twisted: awwwwww…hem…sorry…im a tired guy,keep patience please.well,you are on game dev?..me also! in my career i done several games,but not a lot famous…so i left a bit that kind of work,or better…i work less for games a more about science visualization and historical/art animations…is interesting…but making games and fx is my favourite field of application.Can you tell me about what game you are working on?[/left]
[left]software…mmmm…difficult to say at this point of development…im on storyboards now and pre-visualization, but probably i will use max,photoshop,premiere and after effect. [/left]
[left]sound forge and…mmmh…thinking. I have different licences (EXPENSIVEEEE!!!gosh) but not enught i need to develope a professional looking trailer…so i have to do my best with what i got.Seeya![/left]
[left] [/left]
[left](forget my english! lol)[/left]


Good luck Fabio!..i will keep an eye on your progress…have fun friend! :slight_smile:


to Tenacious: !!! but!..are you in? do u run in this challenge?

to DimitrisLiatsos :wow! You chenged the avatar!!! :eek:
he he he is strange looking a new avatar of an old CGFRIEND!!! he he he.
Im glad to c you here too! did you take part to the challenge?anyway…thx!!! im very happy about your visit here…hope not disappoint you with bad stuff or missing to close this challenge.


Lol. Yeah I’m most definately in.


just jumped over to wish you best of luck, much fun and of course to spam a bit too ^^
hehe, rock em all mate!:beer::buttrock:


This is quite the undertaking the movie trailer. I noticed not a lot of people are doing this part of the challenge. I wish you luck I’m sure yours will be a great entry. Some guys at work are also talking about entering to do the trailer, I dunno sounds tempting, maybe I’ll join them and be arround this part more often, we’ll see. fun! I like your terrain a wile back (displacement?).


to Tenacious: I SEE! GREAT STUFF!


to crazybread: Yes…less people on trailer…it is potentil a mass doing this! I joined the trailer just because i need to improve some skills on animation and fx…so it was natural to me tryng this. The terrain is hand modeled on a polygonal surface,and then texellated.done with max rs6.
tnx 4 your encouragment and see you soon!


Because i have not yet found the book,i got to begin from things not too murch related to the sory.For example the title “eon” and the subtitles.