Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Hey Erich, nice to hear from you. Too bad you couldnt make it this time. Thanks for the encouraging comment :slight_smile:
Musi, rawwad, ichoma: Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it :thumbsup:

Neubius, i reckon you are right, but i forgot to mention that this is not the final rendering. I need everything at least half rendered to get a nice composition out of it and to have a good control over the values. Aside from that it´s very easy to get too much Detail and Information in certain areas where you don´t want it. Hope you will join me later to have a look at the final Patricia.

Hey Brian, good to see you around. Thanks for dropping by and for the nice note. CU

Gee, i must say that i´m more than happy about the extension. I would have finished it anyway, but now maybe i will even have a good feeling about the picture …


Totaly rocking Frant!


Glad to see you back into this contest! I like the new layout that your working with. Great stuff as always! You need no help from us hehe, jk! I see nothing right now that screams crit right now so continue on!:smiley:


sorry man! i spoke way to soon. :slight_smile: Excellent peice mate, wounderfull composition.
this is a real contender !

good luck


nah you are welcome, remember being impressed the first time I saw your work over at IO, let’s face it you are a talented bugger so kick some arse :smiley:


FI-NISH THIS! FI-NISH THIS! Cause it should look great after what you did so far! I like the execution very much! Keep up the good work, pal!



Some more temporary rendering…


Hey Okmer, thanks for dropping in. Really like your stuff as well.:thumbsup:

beelow, nice to hear something from you as well. Please come back here before the contest is over, will you? I definitely will need your opinion…

Neubius, no no ,you really had a point there. Thanks again!

Brian, hehe…

BlackHand, thanks a lot. And come what may: I will :slight_smile:


very nice work mate, nothing to crit, very cool pose of olmy and a very funny funky frant. keep up the great work and rock on :slight_smile:


Fery nice painterly feel Torsten! The frant is cute, almost goofy. I think this composition is a strong one. Looking forward to seeing it done.


I really like your style!
Olmy looks great but the fant reminds me too much of that annoying yaryar binks. Maby if you lower his eyebrows some so he doesn´t look so surprised.
Good stuff anyway.


:eek: vibrant … complex … fantastic! … :eek: best describes ur concept mate! :eek::buttrock:

very good choice of colours and design!

looking forward to ur final piece! :bounce:

good luck buddy! :thumbsup:

god bless!


Looking good, Torsten!
I tried posting yesterday but had some upload problems… but basically one of my oints was the exact same as Norberg’s. The rendering on the Frant is great (and I love his leg anatomy) but the face makes him look like a comic sidekick, not a serious fellow like in the book. (I too think he resembles a Gungan.) The 2 suggestions I had were that you could consider fooling around with the mouth width and size of the eyes.

I think it’s cute how they’re both wearing matching outfits, Olmy’s brown on the top, blue at the bottom, and the Frant’s colors the exact reverse.

Speaking of warbrobe, love Olmy’s robe - it gives the right feeling of gravity to him. Terrific face and pose too.

Good thing you now have plenty more time to work opn this. Keep having fun with it!



Changing the concept of the frant completely.Thank god.phew


walrus and norberg: Thanks a bunch for the helpful input. Appearently wasn´t such a good idea after all to change the concept from the book. rolleyes
Especially Norberg mentioning this ennoying yaryar which made you think where is a computervirus when you need one really woke me up. Brrr…
O.K., this is still sketchy, and i know his eyes are not quite working, but since i realized that this is already too detailed i´ll leave it that way until the final resolution. After all Patricia will be at least 4times as big.
Thanks Walrus for mentioning the clothes as well, i thought this idea was too subtle to get.

nwiz25, Rares , Angel, thanks a million. Really appreciated.


interesting way to edit ones work :smiley:

is an improvement though at least, it has taken out a lot of the “cuteness”…albeit that that also had some charm…personally I would give a bit more volume to the back/lower back of his skull to tone down the cheek bones though


gorgeous work, I like your drawing style a lot, characters are coming along nicely :thumbsup: inspiring!


Mr. Frant is looking better, Torsten. Glad the last note was helpful. The long neck is very graceful and the face is more serene than you had before.

However, I think that you could still push his entire silhouette further: Even with those alien legs and feet, the overall proportions of the loges/arms/torso, in their scale compared to each other, are all very human. And that humanoid proportion is emphasized by the fact that he’s standing right next to Olmy: Their hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, chest, etc, are all pretty much at the same height. So the Frant comes off as not terribly alien, just an “almost-human” with an exceptionally long neck. Perhaps you could play with the proportions and silhouette even more to really push it further from the current shape and make it feel even more alien.

I’m afraid I can’t offer better, more specific suggestions on what to play with, but I’m too biased on how it should appear: I find that all of my instincts on which parts to tell you to exaggerate are based on how I made my Frant look. :slight_smile: I don’t really think you need to make your Frant look like mine ('though in my mind’s eye, that’s the only way he’s supposed to look!) but even so, I think you can play up the differences between he and a human more to give him a stronger form, less recognizeably human but still pleasing to the eye.

Good luck!



In the meantime this is a Preview how it should look like in the end. Well, more or less, i´m not yet happy with all values and colors. We´ll see…


Oops, i forgot that the CG-Server can´t handle files with embedded ICC-profiles.