Eon (Illustration) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Nice start. This is close to how I imagined it from the book for what I can remember.
Looking forward to your updates.

Cheers, Jeroen


I concur. This is also almost exactly how I imagined the 7th chamber the first time I read it’s description in the book. I will be definitely checking back in on the progress. Great start.



I have to say you´ve done a great sketch. The composition is really good, you get a great set of depth in the scene. I´d just love to see this scene just full of details that trickle off into the distance.

Maybe you need some balance with the characters to make them a bit more recognisable.

Great work!


I agree that maybe it could be cool to put some more foreground in there to go 4 a more epic and huge feeling but whouaaaa so great sketch and nice colors!!!
Sure be’ll hanging around here,he,he!
HAve fun!!!


the road to infinity ^^ yay, awesome sketch mate, great work on light and composition, looking forward to your next steps :slight_smile:


Oh GOD!!!

I like very much, but I wonder what will you put in the background?

I think you have a good beginning.

Welcom and good luck !!!


Cool picture already, I like the colours and the depth. Well done man! Will continue following this thread:thumbsup:


This is a standout already. Very strong concept, great atmosphere!


looking good, will visit later on too.


Hey, so many repiles!! I´m flattered. No really, i am :slight_smile:

First of all: this is just a concept, and i don´t know yet if i should take it to the next level. I just thought right now in this early stage is a good time to do some concepts. Later i let you guys decide which i should go for ( hawhaw… smart, isn´t it?)

Ehsan, adib, yanbing, MVDB, Ramitxon, Squishme, nwiz25,Danbird,thierry: you guys really help me with your encouragement. Thanks a bunch!!

PMD, phew, i´m really glad to hear that. I had a hard time to fully comprehend everything in discription and was too lazy to look up everything, so your statement was an urgently needed confirmation for me.

This goes for Nomad as well of course, thanks Buddy.

Yanbing, thanks for mentioning the sky, because that´s what i imagined first, which i satrted with.

Ramixton, thanks and it´s great to have you around.

idyeaah,really, i do? Wow! blush

Nazirull, you know, this question will pop up quite often in the following contest, so i guess that this time it will be part of the sensation, to look how others are imagining the same locations. This will be fun and that is what it´s all about so you´re more than welcome to pick up this very scene and visualize it your own way.
Don´t make me feel bad …

piccolabella, thanks for the reassurance! :thumbsup:

Neubius, thanks, i agree and i think the image is by and large a little bit too clear for my taste.There is definitely something missing in the front and in the distance. But anyway, thank you very much.

Hey beelow, good to see you back, bro. If you find this comp sexy, then wait and see what they are doing back in the truck.:smiley:

Mr Freeman, thanks!! Yeah, the scale, i know. Well at least i know it´s not working that way, so that´s a good start in the end.

terro, like i said, feel free to pick exactly the same scene. Really, i mean, this will be part of he fun.

Yone, Okmer, thanks. Good point, i will need something in the foreground, that´s for sure.
1st Angel,yeah, whatever these next steps will be. Prost:beer:

Hm, stoiik, really no need to invole god in this. He´s a very busy man…(Thanks, buddy:) )

faultymoose and warpy, Thank you. Very much appreciated. I hope you´re not too disappointed that i´m doing some different concepts first…


Another, quite different scene. The scientists are entering the 5th chamber.
I know it´s not a good concept for a “big”, epic picture but because of the mood i decided to pick it anyway. I was interested in adding a wide-angle look to the roundness of the surface.
Didn´t work, i know, but it was worth a try :slight_smile:


Very good man!you have alot of talent:thumbsup:


Oh!:scream: new work~ I like your performance form !


very nice use of colors and light!!!Nice skecth


Very nice sketch :bounce: your portfolio is really impressive ! :eek: I like your style !
Good luck :thumbsup:


I think you have a great sense of color man. Loving your sketches. I know that you can come up with a better concept but i can only look at the colors for hours. I mean, i’ve checked your site and you are really talented. Keep the sweet stuff comin…pure sweetness!
Also goodluck. You can make it again:thumbsup:


Hey artvandeley! I must say the 7th Chamber concept is totally awesome. the colours are fascinating. I just KNOW I’m gonna see great stuff from you. Good luck


loving the light in that last one :slight_smile:


love the composition!


NIce style and colours. Great stuff already. Good luck for yur next steps. Will keep watching!:thumbsup: