Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


Hey Sacha!!!Whooo, glad you came back to your earlier compositions!!!
Love the colors now mate!!!See you’ve been working hard on working out your strokes&details.congrats mate, totally rocking image!!!
Glad to be by your side on the final run,hu,hu,hu


Looking fab m’dear! Loving the new warm colour scheme, really makes your piece stand out inthe myriad of blues there are out there, and the composition is now spot on! I still love Mirsky though, he’s by far the best male I’ve seen you paint to date, and Patricia, as ever, is gorgeous. Almost there… keep going and you’ll have a winner on your hands for sure!


hi Angel! It looks great as I told u on MSN. U did a great job by puting those clouds inthere, looks so more deep and alive. Good luck with final brushstrokes, I hope u’ll catch the deadline and uploud it in time! :slight_smile: one of the greatest pieces in this challenge!


This is getting better and better.
Two things kinda bother me still ,
first i would forget about th eon-logo. Right now it´s kind of distracting and furthermore will eat up a lot of the time left. trash:scream:
Second thing is that the steps on which patricia is standing are not in perspective, in fact this is the only element out of line.
Apart from that: kick ass, mate. Yeah!

Guete abig noch und viel Erfolg.


WELL WELL WELL, and where is the Final Image? a?


buddy … i agree with Greatto … :eek: …

where - r - u ?


haha! his last words yesturday was, " ok i have to sleep to continiue my Eon tomorow"
I think he is still sleepin’ haha


Pleas-please-please, Sacha, get it uploaded!!!
I am really worried about you!!! Only a couple of hours to go!


this comission stole me a whole day so i might not finish as clean as i wanted, speedpainting against the timer, 3hours 52 mins left, wich i wont use completely, in 2 hours i’ll make my ftp upload to be on the safe side this time. cleanup at 90% just a few more edges to clean and a few more lights to paint, highlights on olmy is next.
compositionwise added some vegetation to the lower right corners axis city scene, added tons of details and 2 more spacesips to bridge the space between fornt scene and far background. i think the added vegetaion helps that part a lot since it now has a true foreground, if that part’s missing, you risk all becomes midground and you have no depht at all.
added some ceiling in the lowerleft corners 6th chamber, that tech-pattern the book sais, upper part, red. cyan lights to have a nice shiny ilumination… some green lights too to ballance the lack of green. worked in cold accents to the thistledown header cuz the book sais its silver, it was way too purple.

a short way to go and painting marathon of now 12 hours goes on… hope you like the post :smiley: c ya when the ftp is done :slight_smile:


have a good luck :beer::beer:good work…and my favorite


Amazing so far Sacha, cant wait to see this piece finished, come on, go go go!


the whole thing is beautifull…but you dont have much time left…do it…click on the SUBMIT buttom…DO ITTTTTTTTTTTT




beautiful updates , you are speedy as well as tricky now GO GO GO *runs around in circles


would hqave loved to make it cleaner, speedpaint finish but hey - my curse is broken! yay! i’m in, her^'s the final!


great, congratulations!:thumbsup:
I really enjoyed following the emergence of your picture!


Hay whooa Sacha, you made it!!Congratz mate!!!rocking!Me I love the painterly feeling in it!!!6*ha,ha!!!:beer::beer:LOVE IT!!!



the 1st angel has left the building!:bounce: good luck dude and have fun… And eat “potatoes”,it´s good for health,haha.

Good night!:buttrock:


Glad to see u make it :] I got mine like seconds before deadline :] Ahhhh the adrenaline rush :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway - its a rock solid poster piece - Im sure you are in top five men :thumbsup:

Good luck and see you next chelenge :smiley:


I appreciated all your words and time spent in this Forum. It was a state-of-the-Art way of leading a Challenge and it took us to an amazing final painting - with a bit of thriller at the end…:slight_smile:

Have a wonderful ‘Rest of the Warrior’! I’ll look forward to your next production…

All the very best, Maurizio.