Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


I somehow agree with Reinaldo. The first execution lacks centralism a little bit, so if you finish this one I think you could move Pat a slightly to the left. But, If you wanted something more centralised, you could insert the Pat from the purple comp into the first one which is deffinetely cooler. Don’t get me wrong: I like the first version Patricia a lot, as I’ve said to you many times. You’re very skilled in drawing female characters. The purple version Patricia keeps a mystic aura though, due to her head position and the simplicity of the pose in the context of the poster compositing. Mixing those two should result in something even cooler than it is, if you ask me. Anyhow, I know that you’ll do whatever you’re convinced you should, so good luck, Sacha and bring it to the finish line! :thumbsup:


it just occurred to me while looking at all this versions that it might be worth a try to flip all characters horizontally around the center of the whole image.

you already know i vote for 1 :slight_smile:

edit: and i’m all against centralism as it might bring the ‘boring’ element into your image…


Hey Sacha,

I am following your thread for a long time - impressive work you are doing here!
And now almost to the end of the challenge I want to say my little word here too :slight_smile: .

I like all the fine detail you putted into the first one at the bottom - all those small stories, as Ivy says. It has more poster like feeling, and you are doing a poster. But I like the way you posed your characters on the second one, specially Patricia. On the first one she looks like a strong hero-type woman, on the second one she is more emotional, fragile, more Patricia from EON looking into the future, searching for her own way in the world that keeps falling around her.
The first image looks more finished too, so if I would have to post the final today I would go with the first one.



The first one, most of all because it’s way richer story-wise and, after the first impact, the myriad details keep you on the image for a long while, wanting to ‘discover’ it a piece at a time.


rofl ok i decieded to give the poster a shot. there’s been so much that was off and i tarted put it back into perspective before the final rendering.
its not a shame to make a grid to get things back into perspective, and what i done was very simple.
I wanted to have a lense effect so i had to figure out how to do it. i took those lines i thought were facing mainly right as guideline, then made a bow matching the curvature best and blended it down to the horizonline. since the piece is built with a centerperspective, the rest was done fast. now that i have a (rather fancy) 3 point perspective grid the rest is painted back into perspective much faster :slight_smile:
i hope you like the compositionupdate, i found the background in the upper part way too empty and painted 2 buildings into the midground. also i added a brighter space to lanier and flipped lanier and olmy for the storywise reason. lanier: representative of the past, olmy the future, for me, its more logical he is over axis city. and lanier over the sixth chamber wich represents for me the heart of the stone and makes all technological miracles on it possible. mirsky and patricia back to back as for their ways are as different as thinkable, mirski moved right, he’ll travel to the end of time while patricia tries to change the past, and ends up in an other universe… i think the new placement makes so far more sense. working on the details now, hope you like my decicion to finish this on :slight_smile: all c&c most welcome :slight_smile:


ahaha ok submitting the right image woudn’t have been the worst thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Sacha,

Great thinking behind the grid. I agree with you on switching Lanier and Olmy - they better where they are now.

At the first glans I got an impression that the left side of the image feels heavier then the right side… I was going to suggest to flip Patricia - as she was before, but then I read your argumentation and totally agreed with it… I don’t really know how to fix that (may be it doesn’t need fixing at all :slight_smile: )… May be bring Patricia closer to the middle of the image, and Lanier a little higher…


Darn, I missed the options vote. True, option 1 has more story elements and may be the smart way to go, but I find option 2 very striking. There’s something to be said for simplicity, though I shouldn’t be the one to talk.

Whichever, the tightened final is going to rock. Get it done! Good luck.


This is looking better than ever! :eek: way to go Sacha! :bounce:
i totally agree with Musi! … smart work on the grid thingy and the switch! :stuck_out_tongue:

rock on mate! :buttrock:

good luck as always! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Hi budy !

It came out just great !
It matches with my “mind concepts” when I read the book.
I think it’s very well aligned with the storyline.
It’s well balanced, great color schemme, for a book cover I think you’ll be among the finalists here ! I’d buy EON with a cover like this !
I’m sorry about the original cover of EON but I feel it doesn’t tell much about the book, I’ve seen some of the artworks around and I confess I feel that just a few are matching the storyline and acomplishing the role of beign “a COVER”.
Yours is one of the few I trully loved !

I’m stuck in business (for a change uh…!! lol ), so I’m thinking now about doing a speed paint just to not leave myu EON entry empty… anywayz…

Good luck and my best wishes to you !

Cya around friend !


major update on patricia
this morning, i was bothered so much with patricia i have changed her pose again and unified her light with laniers wich i think works better now :). also repainted her nose that was off trough 3 times reposing.
now lanier and patricia are in the same kind of light wich actually makes it more calm, my piece still is on the busy side but i slowly get there. 6 days to go and comissionwork almost is finished wich means i can get back to this this evening :slight_smile: yay!


musi: you were 100% right about the ballance, flipped tho outer characters and since they had a flip flp light and i anyways had to render olmy majorly i liked laniers and disliked patricias light so changed her setup to laniers. the new allignement should be better ballanced now, i’ll post a a major update tonight to get the general check for what has to be done most urgently, but i think the composition finally is nailed. thanks for the great points and the constructive crits. it helped a lot my feel and actually i think i can paint straight forwards from now :slight_smile:

ChuckWadey: lol, thanks a lot mate! still quiet a way to go but i am like this, if i dont like how the composition looks like 'd preferly fix it before i am upset i painted tons of details noone will ever see because i got rid ofem while fixing the composition :stuck_out_tongue: glad you like my choice, so i’ll give my best to bring it to a great final :slight_smile:

nwiz25: thanks a lot :slight_smile: yep the grid helps a lot makes it much easier to see whats off :slight_smile: should have done that much earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Djampa: yep i know how that feels mate, i was overtrown with comissionworks since mid of december too and was so eager to get back painting on this one. its the “curse effect” on the challenge and this time i wont let it win either, have best of luck with your speedy old friend and thanks for your very nice words. yay! off to paint more details!!!


looking great Sacha, glad to see you back in action here :slight_smile:


Just a silly detail, Sasha, but Patricia’s name is misspelled on her tag. It should read ‘Vasquez’, not ‘Vasqez’…

Can’t wait to see the final!


patricia first hairpass painted, and mirsky now wears his tactical vest :slight_smile:
checklist: screenrighteye patricia was off, fixed that. rudy said neck not fragile enough, fixed that. oz said vasquez - typo - ahahaha lol. of course he’s right.
if anyone sees stuff that is offaxis or has crits wich - stuff to fix, please let me know, now’s the time :slight_smile: small post between the work, bigger one with the whole piece after work :slight_smile: all c&c most welcome


Linda: thanks a lot! yay yep 1 last comissionwork day and i got 5 eonized days :slight_smile: weeee!

Thaldir: ahahaha yup sharp eye! lol silly me old weakness. dislexic kiddie ^^ rofl :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the hint fixed it just about a few secs :slight_smile:


Hey Sacha, glad you finish your comissions and start eoning again, new render of patricia is much more better I think maybe one eye still a bit out of place but maybe just me.

Well I have to get back to work now :frowning:

Best regards mate! Keep it roking! :buttrock:


hey sacha…its been a long time…
how’re you doin??

this image is got much better than the last time i saw it…the colors the detaila and everything…
and specialy the OPTION2 pic which is awesome IMO…

best luck for you my friend:thumbsup:


here’s what i actually do. i think i quiet much nailed the composition now, and worked on the light.Its time to cleanup the contours - should be finished with that pass tonight -finally. ignore the rapid fall off on lanier, will paint that today as well. illuminated patricia in the library more, ballanced out mainlights and rimlights in a red/cyan colormix.
sketched in the borehole to the background since i think that is framing the upper scene nicely.
also added some fog and clouds in the upper area. railbridges on the left side that lead into the piece
snow in the sixth chamber lower left corner.
cleanup in progress :slight_smile: any c&c most welecome ^^


ReinaldoRomero: he to see ya on a final run soon too mate. still 5 days, you can make it! thanks for dropping by mate. best of luck to you too and keep on rocking!

Kmesty: thanks a lot mate! glad to hear you so far like what i do here. its a last minute run and i hope i’ll make it this time.