Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


okmer : thank you so much for your feedback, used a blueish colorschem on my test here… works better?


hi sacha,go for your love,the new one.eheh.enjoy ur 18 days.:bounce:
cheer bro


hmm I dont’ know Sacha, to be honest I had to save the last 3 updates you put up and will compare them side by side in PS or something


ok, now just remember I am the voice of inexperience talking here… but after looking at them all

I like the Eon under the characters

I am not sure if I like the lines above the characters, it is giving me more of a feel they are stuck in a tube rather than the chamber like feel

I am also not sure about the ships position on the bottom, it looks unbalanced on the bottom with it there, even though you dropped Olmy some to try to balance it out, it makes the characters look unbalanced to me also.

Anyway, that is kind of what I see and not sure what the solution would be to balance it out more. As you know I am not exactly good at balancing compositions , ha ha


When you work on the same image for this long you eventually grow tired of it and start to make changes that aren´t nessesary. I do it all the time.
I think the first layout with the blue colors worked better than these last versions and since it is a movieposter the static composition, as you describe it, works really well.
It´s a really cool image by the way.


Sorry. he he. Now when I look at your new layout I really like it. Go with that one instead.


ok ok, I gave it a few hours (mostly for me to wake up, I really should not post at 5 and 6 am ) Anyway , the more I look at your new comp the more I like it… so I was thinking maybe move Mirsky down a bit to balance the curve of the characters? Just a little tiny bit , not so far that his head is even with Laniers though… and here I go rambling again, ha ha maybe I am not as awake as I thought I was.


Ouuh yes baby, I feel you are getting there!

I do feel also you’re hesitating a lot and for that’s it’s true what Norberg said, that the longer you’re on a image the more start hesitating, espcialy when you’re near the finish.

Personaly I think your first composition worked out very well and proberly it was your most impulsive one,the one you felt from the start, and like we use to say in Holland(where I’m from), “your heart’s first words are most of the time the most true”…

But at the same,like your hesitating, your heart doesn’t seems to see what he intended in the beginning.And that’s when the head takes over and you came up with your new compo here.(whoooaaa,I should stop the dru** i hear you say,ha,ha)

And I think it really rocks too baby!!!ha,ha!!Both of them have a lot of potential!
Although I agree with Ivy00 that now some elements in your image seems a bit out of bal

If you feel your characters a bit too static, did you thought already about maybe putting some more action in them?
Maybe like one of them holding a pocket-holograpic screen watching it, or a weapon, a special stone, anything that’s related with the story and gives the character something to do.
Did you maybe thought about putting in a 5th character like a frant maybe?
(be careful with them, one of them almost fu**ed it all up in my image,ha,ha)
But like Joe used to sing,:“Try a little help from my Frant”…
This could maybe rebalance a bit more your composition and your characters.
I’ll say,go baby!!!
Whatever you do it always makes me dream and your work is extremely inspiring!!!
:beer: :beer: :beer:

[color=Cyan]Frant : Yurfffouiii, oi, liou, urf,urf…

Remko : Hey what?You again?..

Remko : get out of here, right now!!!

Frant : huyi,makaka,poi,poi!

Remko : I dont give a damn, no matter what you say, now you better get out of this thread before you fu** it all up over here also!You’ve seen what you did to my thread,han???
Get out!!![/color]

Frant : … (gone)

Whoooa, I just saved your life Sacha!!!

(ok,I’ll stop :beer: , ha,ha)


hey Sacha!

i wholeheartedly agree with my buddy Remko … follow ur heart dude …

capture the first star in ur night sky,
make it special as u did earlier …
dont ever let go of it …

[left]wishing u all the best buddy! :love:


Sacha - Looks likwe you’ve been busy at work. I’ve liked the earlier compositions, but it sounds like you haven’t been. I can see you put qa lot of work into this new one, but sorry, it’s not really working for me. Colorwise, the more you get away from the brighter colors in the original comps and more into pastels and faded-out whites, the less visual impact your piece has.

Using strong value changes is not a bad idea in general, but now you’re using the brightest values both in the far background behind the heads and in the foreground in front of the heads, making it really difficult to read the distance in the piece. For example, if you read the white being behind Patricia and whomever that guy is on the right, then the similarly-shaded Axis City reads as behind him too, a big negative-space cutout. All of your earlier versions had the heads blending into the scene nicely but now they look cutout in odd shapes because of the lgiht valies of “EON” and the city on the right…For the record, I still think the heads worked best on the earliest color comps, when there was a great warm/cool (heads/background) contrast.

It seems you’ve traded the Lanier with a crick in his neck from the previous comp for someone else with a crick in the neck, so my same note from earlier still applies. (Who is that anyhow? I can’t tell. I expect Olmy from your notes, but Olmy is described as having no nose and big round ears.)

Lastly, I don’t like the ‘Eon’ right in the center. It’s distracting. It takes away from the picture as an illustration and makes it more of a commercial poster. I guess that’s what you’re shooting for, but it means that the art can’t stand on its own without the big logo plasterred in the center. I think your art is good enough to hold its own without needing the huge logo front and center telling us what we’re looking at. We know already, and your artwork can (and does) speak for itself.

Well, that all came off as somewhat harsh. Sorry, pal, you know I’m still a big fan. I’m sorry your not feeling better about your compositions. Good luck with it!



Hi there you have alot skils PLEASE FINISH that because LOOKS GREAT!I wish you good luck and I like to see the FINAL image soon!

Best to you!


ok, just wanted to have tested that too.
I agree with mike in prolly all points mentioned. i mainly sketched in the new sixth chamber. then for onkmer, olmy’s fav. frant - an adventurefrant. behind mirsky now the walls of books of the library. to avoid broken neck confusion again i sketched in a quick olmy.
yet i am still unsure if i’d stick with this but i like the new sixth chamber somehow. i think its the challengefever, i had way too little sleep the last days and started disliking all i do. i agree with mike the fog was a bit overdone. killed the foglayer for this test.
for this solution, the text is nessesary, to create the whole image. i made it part of the library’s interface.
since i wanted to create a movieposter style image, i tried my best to let the text not just being placed on the image rather than being part of it and i thought making it part of the interface would be a possebilety do melt it into it. what do you think about this version?


tons of thanks for that many constructive crits. you all rock!

Ivy00: tons of thanks. as you can see i struggle and am undecieded, and i have no idea anymore if and what and where with my own piece except the fact that i dont like anything at all i do :stuck_out_tongue: prolly need to take 1 day off to get some distance and analize it with non eonized eyes maybe helps. ^^ i agree the bookwalls work less than i hoped, the library part was an idea i wanted to see if i can bring it in without killing the atmosphere but aree it doesnt work the way i tried it.

Norberg: thanks a lot mate. I’ll test how the new 6th chamber merges with the old blue maybe and see if i get back to the space scenery sky ,erged with the thistledown houses? cuz now at least i have the tubelight back in place and can try how the thing would work in darkblue…

OKMER: lol ahahaha frants - omg, i am into frant troubles now and lol, yeah they already plan to take over my canvas - i can feel it :stuck_out_tongue: . thanks for the lil crack up :slight_smile: yep thought of puting in a frant behind olmy already on the pencils, but forgot sketching him in on the first test. looks too busy now for my taste, since 4 characters already are a bit of a headsheap. i also realized in a non blue version the ring gets too dominant, prolly have to change that if so i’ll try how that works less opaque on a dakblue sky then.

NWIZ: thank you so much my friend. you prolly are the nicest guy all over the challenge, so many nice words and in monents like this i am just happy you are with me too :slight_smile: thanks for all your encouragements and good tips my friend!!!

Walrus: i agree in prolly all points you mentioned my friend. its driving me nuts, and nothing i try really works :frowning: i actually agree this takes a funny way towards a “commercial work” thou, i just wanted to be the text part of the piece not “just placed on it”. yet on the latest test, i think the whole ring thing is too dominant, and i hope a darkblue version maybe works. i killed the foglayer, to let the piece have more contrast again. agree the colors on the last test were very washed out. the fog/snowstorm took over the whole piece, was overdone. going to try that colder sky again, thou, i sorta tried to find a ballance to the allover piece cuz it was very cold overall :confused: one more test then.
as for olmy, i thought he has a nose but no nosetrills. actually olmy’s nose is a bit hard for me to picture, prolly going to have to redo some olmy sketches to get that nailed too.
thanks for that very nice compliment. much appreciated. since i have 18 days, i maybe might try a reapproach completely without text. wich takes more compositionsketch tumbs but prolly a good point. sigh. arrr. yeah. the composition first looks promissing then the closer i get to a final the less i like it :frowning: thanks for your honest and very constructive crits, thats what really helps much and is extremely appreciated. tonsa thanks old friend

adib: thank you very much, will do a last composition test and then go for a little vote for the final composition solution and then bring it to an end as fast as possible. thanks for your encouragements. :slight_smile:

ok mates, last test and then… detailing again ^^


I think you should take a break, mate. this new one is not doing it for me. The older ones were fabtastic, and i think all it would take is one little adjustment you haven’t thought of and it would work for you, oft times the case for me.

Though we still have 18 days don’t we.

take care and best of luck ^^.



Ivy00: tons of thanks. as you can see i struggle and am undecieded, and i have no idea anymore if and what and where with my own piece except the fact that i dont like anything at all i do :stuck_out_tongue: prolly need to take 1 day off to get some distance and analize it with non eonized eyes maybe helps. ^^ i agree the bookwalls work less than i hoped, the library part was an idea i wanted to see if i can bring it in without killing the atmosphere but aree it doesnt work the way i tried it.

lmao at the Frant… oh there he is the evil Frant…yes you most certainly need a day or so off of Eon. *puts on her Eon doctor voice…


me likey both versions, but stick the first, we wanna see it finished :deal:
(you can do the other one after that :D)


ok, i will make a version of this one tomorrow with a few minor changes, valuetweaks and move it from there, so once thats done i can bring it to an end… hopefully


Ooooh, I like it! You’ve been hard at work polishing it up, I see! This new version rocks!
It has a lot more color intensity than the last few, all of the characters are looking out from a central point, which hints at perspective lines all radiating out from the center… The warm-on-cool of the heads shows them off, and yet they don’t stick out too much. Really great work! :grin:

as for olmy, i thought he has a nose but no nosetrills. actually olmy’s nose is a bit hard for me to picture, prolly going to have to redo some olmy sketches to get that nailed too.

As for Olmy, it’s up to interpretation, and I’m not positive Bear is 100% consistent about that through the book. In some places he seems to imply that Ser Olmy has no nose… but then there’s that one line of Patricia’s, “Where are your nostrils,” which could easily lead one to believe he has a nose, but no openings in it. So who’s to say?

(I found that in my entry too: In one place he describes the fisrt thing you see on Axis City are the 2 cubes, and then later in the book, he talks about 2 cubes and a Maltese Cross. Can’t wrap my head around the both being correct, so there was obviously a continuity error… or soem unexplained reason for the cross not being there that ended up in the waste-bin, maybe?)

But so anyhow, no nose or no nostrils, it’s up to you.

Good luck, my friend! And thanks for taking my last post in the spirit it was intended. :slight_smile:



This is brilliant Sacha, I wasn’t too keen when you went in a new direction but you have come back from that in a solid visualisation of all the hard work you put in, you tell so many folks how they rock but my god you do too!!.

The detailing you have captured in your city leaves me breathless and the poses of the figures now is much more dynamic.

On the point of the maltese cross Michael, I am confused also as to where it is located, there are 3 pages of description in the book as Patricia approaches Axis City but no reference to the cross until much later… I chose to leave it out of my interpretation.

Best of luck Sacha


i really like this new update. more so then the others! but maybe not witht he little guy on the right side.