Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


Hmm, some big changes since the last time I posted… I like what you’ve done with Axis City.

I like the new head sizes, but Lanier’s neck position seems particularly extreme and uncomfortable. After the photshoot he was crying “Oooowww! My neck! He made me hold that position for a whole week! Ow ow ow ow ow!” It’s not an impossible position, just a less natural one than you had before. I acutally liked the posing of the heads better before: They were all looking out from the center, which helped emphasize the perspective lines in your piece that are also all radiating out from the center. I don’t feel that the change has made it stronger.

As for the colors, I thought that the stronger emphasis on blues made it more mysterious and more “science-fictiony.” i liked the hints of warm light in A and C that balanced out the cool toned, but here, I agree with Ivy that it feels like you might have taken it too far… But at this point I just want to grab you and shake you and demand you to finish it and stop losing time fixing what ain’t broken! :slight_smile:



Amen to that!

I’ve been watching this develop for a long while, at one point worrying that you might have decided to drop the challenge. I’m mighty glad you didn’t, but this isn’t the time for playing with variation, imho.
So gear up and finish, will you? (I must be a masochist, why do I hurt myself… :wink: )


Yeah, maybe you´re somewhat chaotic like me who need some pressure to focus on the important things to do.
Here is what you should do:
First of all: Finish it. Don´t look left and right, just do it the best you can in one big effort.
Second: Think again about colours and contrasts.
Third: Where needed push some pixels or add some details.
Fourth: Enjoy your finished work.

This is already awesome and you really can make it.
Thanks btw for the nice words in my thread:bounce:


ok, this prolly is the last composition change, added more hanging buildings up there and brought back the blue in the lower part of the header.
Tomorrow, my last comission deadline before the end of the challenge wich i couldn’t extend should be done, so i’ll take my days off to bring this piece to its final. hope you like the compositionupdate, now speedpainting more details :smiley:


zweiDee: well i’ll think about the hippiebus when all other details are done, promise ^^

kmest: thanks for that hint. stuffed it with hanging skyscrappers mow, hope its less emty with this update. yep the whole piece is supposed to look at least as polished like the girls face i i am done with it. promisse :slight_smile:

LightSovereign: thanks a lot mate. well the traditional feel might come from i just paint like i would with any medium, years ago worked with my beloved badger gfx freehandairbrush and fast attack acrylics. digital might be less tasty in the material but the workflow has not really changed much. ^^ glad you like the piece so far, its still on the sketchy side but 1 more day of comissionstress and i’ll be 100% eon-ized ^^

SONIC-X: tonsa thanks old friend! rock on too!

icedeyes: hehe thonkees. yeah the lower part actually looks a bit more busy but i’ll take care of it now. tonsa detailwork still ahead but gettin there :slight_smile:

walrus: agree laniers neck actually doesnt work for me either, prolly will repaint that or his whole face.
brought back cool tones to ballance out the warm cold, actually with some blue fog, hope that works.

Thaldir: hehe no sir, its just the challenge effect. thats typical, the challenge lasts 1 month and then hell breaks loose, a pubisher wants a 15 peces series, 5new comissions come in and 2 change deadlines lineup nearby on the challengeend. no drop but a fight on a place not realy funny, its been like that before and i done what i can to get the works i gotten in done as fast as possible :slight_smile: thanks for worries, no need to, so far back in and doing what i was supposed to do all the time, bring the piece to its end :slight_smile:

artvandeley: hehe yeah chaotic might hit the point but there’s another thing you might know. you look at a piece that long you start dislike this and that starre again dislike more things, suddenly dislike the whole thing and start testing what can be done to change the piece to somethng you like again ^^

this goes out to all of you tons of thanks thanks thanks! i am actually stressed and a bit upset cuz of my unhappy client timing and doing my best on the outpost on the borders of shittyland^^ thank you so much for your encouragements!!! you ROCK!!!:beer::buttrock::beer:


Hey Sacha your new post is wild & awesome.Hope to see the final touches soon.All the best to you.



Hey Yesss Sacha mate!!!YOU ROCK!!!
Personaly I prefered the 4 person’s composition and the colorpalette you had before.
Seemed a bit more dynamic to me.Now I have a bit the feel the pic is cut in two with alot of contrast and powerfull colors in the lower part and a bit too less in the upper part.
But I know you work that out and no matter which option you’ll go for this image totally blows the roof of anyway!!!Hey, 21 days left!!!ha,ha oooh yesss, so more strokes to go:beer:Keep on rocking Hard Sasha!Wheeeehaaaa:bounce:


It´s working pretty well, i like it! Did you finish it at time? I hope that yes, because it looks great and it´s not one, but five images in one, which is excelently. Keep working Sacha:thumbsup:


hey buddy! amazing! i see a lot of change! n man am i zapped or wat! :eek:
rockin color combination! lots of space! this one hits the spot!
i love it bro! :love: :buttrock: :applause::smiley:

cant wait to c the grand finale! :eek:

keep rockin buddy! heres to u! :beer:

good luck!:thumbsup:


Nice, nice and nice :thumbsup:

You’re a champion.


20 days to go :eek: man u should work harder grrrrrrrr go sacha :bounce: go sacha :bounce: go sacha :bounce:
I have confident in you mate u will do it :thumbsup:


Nice progress Sacha :thumbsup:

Great work so far :bounce:


can’t wait to see it finished! superb.
good luck:)


Nice begining…I think the color it’s a little cold…maybe a yellow, here and there, will make it more “friendly”!..and a suggestion…I think the characters around the girl…is challenging in size one with another. So play more with the sizes!:wink: Good luck!


ahaha i feel like racing on the beloved old daytona racegame again, timeextension! weeeee!
i thought i share that feeling and post you my happiness (duh, i just was confused when i seen the timer and then read mibus’s post)

prabath: thanks mate, playing with it at the moment so next post when i get it to a clearer updatestage, since i got more time now, i think i got more time to play with it again^^

OKMER: actually playing with colors, trying different colorsets and a few composition possebileties - but since i am tired i think i’ll prolly go to sleep earlier tonight than i did the nights before :slight_smile:

rawwad: thanks mate. yeah was almost goin for a suicide painting session when i got it too that the time was extended. seems like the fun goes on :slight_smile:

nwiz25: thanks a lot mate. well that colorset is just temporary, actually playing much with it and hope i get out the best of the actual composition. more time more playing :slight_smile: yay!

MartinNielsen: of what? lol i’d knew :stuck_out_tongue: ahahah but thankees!

thebest: ahaha thanks mate! weeee yeah just got it that time was extended! happiness and joy and laughter! thanks mate, errr yeah will work :stuck_out_tongue:

Nomad: thanks old friend :slight_smile:

Neubius thanks mate, cant wait either, but well, now actually trying to get it better so might take a day off to play more with composition possebileties - gl 2 u 2

ginoshu: yeah, right. working on that, trying out different stuff :slight_smile: thanks for the review mate.


one of the colortests i am actually doing, also worked much on the details. more updates after a lil nap :slight_smile:


Daca nu termini e vina ta! This is actually a rhyme, translated from romanian like this SACHA SACHA If you don’t finish is your fault! :scream: You did a cool and elaborated piece of poster composition. Very balanced and Hollywood like. I like it a lot, especially the tough little cutie Patricia character! Finish this because it should look astonishing. Good luck, pal!



:slight_smile: thanks mate, will keep on it, now that i have more time i am actually trying a few things with the composition. also turned the heads back and tried a warmer mainlightsetup, but since i gotten no feedback on it i am not really sure if its better or not. any comments on the colortest?


Hi Sacha Buddy!:wavey:
Well actualy,even if I love the Pink beams of the ships on the orange background, I still prefer your more purple/bleuish version.

Personally I think the more orange sky above is quit close to the colors of the character’s skin’s and so they pop out less easily then before.
Now I feel the characters and the globe in front don’t come out that well and it’s more difficult for the eye to travel easily through the image.
just my two cents bro!!!may ze wurzz be wizz you :beer: :beer:


now i’d be very very thankful for feedbacks since this is a very hard decision. i played around with my composition in the last 2 days basically cuz i was unhappy because it looked very static. i think i found the final composition nnow, might change things on the colors but mainly am happier with the feel of it. stick with it? pleas let me know if this works.
old or new layout?