Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


nice work!! i like ‘B’ because i like the pink around the text…i think it brings it out more :slight_smile:

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k thanks all for oppinions, i am actually trying to find a ballance between b and c before i go back to the final detailpass. too tired to finish the actual pass but will be back here after a bit of rest :slight_smile:


A very short answer… I think the C is the right choice :slight_smile:


Mmmm… Double post :smiley:


C, and that’s it, CGS’ server is busy & deleting my messages, aurgh, that’s why I didn’t answered yesterday


A vote for C as well.:slight_smile:


B for me
better balanced and more focused on the charcters

anyway, awesome work sacha:thumbsup:


Hey Sacha, nice work!

I personally like B better. To me it is cleaner and not so busy. The overhang structure on the other ones is a bit much imo, making it too busy, there are just too many point of interest but removing that overhang helped balancing it. Also I like the ship on the far bottom right to face towards the inside of the canvas instead of the outside edge, it keeps the viewer “inside” the image.

Looking forward to more:thumbsup:


ok, we have a D version, funky orange and i would like to hear how you like it :slight_smile:


orange is cool but i think it somehow lost some depht, so if you can add more depht to the orange version, then go for it! :slight_smile: also i like the only indicated tube on top. cheers!


hmm I like the way it breaks up the blue a bit, but maybe not so much of the orange??? Heck I don’t know , ha ha I have been looking at my own entry for hours today, I think I need a break, lol, my eyes are a bit buggy. I do like some of the orange color in yours though.


now slowly takes the direction i hoped it would. now tons of details to paint back but i think the skyworks were worth it. oh, and thanks for pointing out the “headturn”, done that exactly for that reason :slight_smile:
here’s a little update on the header


looking great, just some encouragement to keep you going. I can’t wait to see it finished :slight_smile:


its cool i cant wait to see it finished


ok, this is the composition i’ll stick with, started detailing painted in the first nuances of a background in the lower right corner, also refined the silhuettes of the cityscape, set values right in the whole part down there and tweaked coloramounts. i hope you like the new composition, i am happy with the wider colorrange it has now and its fun to paint in it again ^^ much work left but getting there. any suggestions c&c’s most welcome.


nice work mister! i like the colors, the concept of the complementary colors orange and blue. i think so you can make a cool atmosphere with the sky in the background and the technical buildings in the front. fresh details also, very cool piece.
my suggestion. make the bus orange with blue flowers. for me pls. hihi, so im out. gn8


looking great sacha…the overal red/orang color on the image fadong to blue in the lower parts made it look like a real Sci-Fi poster,but i just feel taht the uper parts are somehow empty,think there sould be more…even fade in the sky,
everything looks gret,i like your style,and please,do you finish painting other elements like the girl face??:slight_smile:

this is getting better and better,keep going…



that truly feels like a traditional piece of artwork. congratz on a fine composition…very much in the style of traditional movie posters, (the quality of which i think have gone down over the years). Patricia is particularly striking. has that sultry rhona mitra look :bounce:

cool axis design aswell!

fantastic work so far



Hi Sacha,
Your work is looking great.
Keep it up friend.


I love the introduction of more colors in the pallete… Brighter top gives more room to the characters too… lower right part does look a better… all i have to say is great work so far… cant wait to see it finished…