Eon (Illustration) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener


rofl, so walrus want’s em screamin’ gurlies? ahahah maybe santa dropes him some ^^

idyeaah: thanks mate. glad you like the lil fogpass

daWinky: thank you so much. well i actually was stressed the hell to get all comissions i had in my pipeline done in time :stuck_out_tongue: glad to be back as well :slight_smile:

thepineman: thanks a lot! glad you like the piece, its taking at least a direction now its fun to work on :slight_smile:

actually came to post this and wisch you all great and beautiful holidays, keep on rocking and enjoy a great xmas-eve :slight_smile: a bit late i know, stumbled over an a bit complicated elf :stuck_out_tongue: big hugs to the greatest cg community! this is for you :scream::beer::buttrock:


lol, cute picture Merry Christmas to you :slight_smile:


heheeee…nice pic sacha…and merry Xmass to you too


hey buddy! wishing u and ur family a very merry christmas! :bounce: :love:

cheers! :beer:


> awesome update man! me just waiting to c da final showdown! :smiley:


Merry Xmas and Happy new year too ! :bounce:


hey merry xmas sasha :slight_smile:


Hey so good to see you back mate!!!super cute pic!
Happy yew near Sasha!!!


I can’t wait to see the final piece of yours especially the details… Keep up the good work man!


Hey Sacha where are you, no more updates :frowning: I hope you got the time to finish all of your entries, especially this one. BTW nice xmass pic, tnx a lot for sharing it.
Wish you the best and happy new yera mate!


Lanier update, mainly pronounced his cheekbones more, tried to give him more of a native american touch, alloverworx progressing too so one more update later tonight.
happy new year all and lets run these 13 days burnin’ hot and rock it all the way :slight_smile:


Ivy00, Kmesty, nwiz25, gpepper, DrIvErD, OKMER, : thanks a lot :slight_smile: happy new year mates! ^^

bluepen: right working on them, might post some more closeups soon and an all over shot later tonight :slight_smile:

ReinaldoRomero: thanks a lot mate! yep comissions paused :stuck_out_tongue: ahahaha took up work on this again and will finish 100% sure! promise :slight_smile:

yay, back to the stone, more updates as the night is still young… errrrm 5.45 am isnt exactly that young still a bit more to go :slight_smile: brb ^^


Whoooa, youre back Sacha mate!!!Excellent update, you really did a excellent job on Lanier,really well done american native face structure!!!
Happy new year mate (especialy the first 15 days(13 left)ha,ha!
we want more rock n roll:grin:


Hurry up and happy new year Sacha !


just a lil full post-more after a bit of rest :slight_smile: - ahrgh detailing stress ^^


My friend - I know what you were working on (or supposed to be working on) this past weekend… how the hell did you have time to get in work on this too?!? Anyhow, glad as always to see some update! :slight_smile: (hope the other work went well, also!)



Hey Sacha, I’m starting to worry you might leave this one unfisnished too. There is still too much area out of focus in your image. Just put your head down and make sure it’s done before the deadline because it will be a real shame if it’s not.

Thanks for the 2nd movie tutorial. Those clips are very helpful and insightful. Unlike the one with the ogre and the fairy I found this one much easier to follow for some reason. Looking forward to future installments of your challenge and tutorials.


Really glad to see you having some time for updates… or at least , well 5:45 am sheesh, I thought I was bad posting things at 4 am my time, ha ha.

Looking beautiful, keep going and finish so I can give those teenage gurly fans to Mike :slight_smile:


Right! Yeah! What she said! :smiley:


Nice work like always.


ahahaha one of the most annoying works on this pic, painting hundreds of little skyscrappers inside the tube, about 50% of em done… lol