Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


Now i hope my work will allow me to eat those 664 pages!
Good night fellows!!!


Love the plasma…hahaha:scream: have a good reading!


kaaaas met hagelslag, droooool! rofl, have fun and enjoy gettin “stoned” have a nice trip :scream::beer:


Ha,ha Sacha, Now I understand what ya ment with “cancjer tering”,ha,ha et “kaas met hagelslag” is totally madness also!!!
Ha,ha, keep on rocking and rollin,DROLLLL


Yop, well I didn’t had much time to advance in my book, and so I’m still in the beginning of the first chapter.

It’s where patricia takes off for the first time direction the meteor.

And so I did a sketch of the moment she sits in the shuttle,2 or 3 minutes before she’ll take off.

Still just playing, as I’ll proberly go for the first image.so playing and warming up.

Feel like I’ll proberly mahle an sketch of each moment that really touched me before starting my final image.
A way for me to totally imerge myself in the EON,ha,ha.

may the force be with you all!!!


woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee remko! this is awesome! :bounce: :bounce:

really waiting for ur upcoming concepts! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

wishing u da very best of luck! cheers buddy! :stuck_out_tongue:


awe she’s such a cutie ^^ great sketch mate!


nice concept sketches okmer best of luck, hope you finish!


pretty cool!

great start and great warmup piece, keep em coming,
looking foreward to seeing what you do.


Hey Remko,

great sketch of the girl, I like it a lot:thumbsup: …but though it’s not totally according to the book I still have the first sketch as my favorite one, it makes a great impact, very attracting for the viewer and just perfect for a kind of movie poster…it makes people curious:) …

Well, good news, I’m looking forward to discover your visions:bounce: !




Thx guys and girls!!!so motivating.

Dawinky:I totally agree with you, thought that’s what I’ve understood.Creating curiosity and “wanna see” for the public, I’ll definitily will be working on my first sketch.

In the meanwhile, I’ll try indeed doodling my way through the book, like that.If the time allows me so, besides my work, i really would like doing that.
In this way I’ll really be in the world of EON once I’ll attack my first image.

HEy, and once again THX You very much for yall nice comments!!!
Love this community!


Hey Okmer what’s up mate ! Cool concept dude :thumbsup: sorry I was a little busy so I didn’t followed the evolution of your work but now I saw it and … :eek:
Keep up the good work man!


hey remko! :stuck_out_tongue:

is that u in da pic??? ( the one with … ’ i got it! ’ ) … :slight_smile: >:D<


Yap NWIZ,ha,ha,…kind a fu)))d up on a bad sunday morning ha,ha!:smiley: :smiley: :beer:


hehehehehe >:D< :stuck_out_tongue: … well that pic sure is full of life!:bounce:
really love the whole thing goin on with it! >:D< :bounce:


god bless ya buddy! take care! n good luck to u! :thumbsup:


Love those sketches! Keep’ em coming!:thumbsup:


Nice concept dude.


Sorry ain’t got much time to comment;
Gotta go, but be back later on.

Finaly I’ll go on with this pic, because it’s the one I feel most and that’s very important.

So I kept on sketching on my first image.
Still a lot to do on it, but slowly getting into what I would like to do for the final image…

More comments later,gotta go now if I don’t wanna be killed by my girlfriend before finishing this work,ha,ha




awesome dude! me loves it to the core!


wow! cant wait to see the details!

cheers buddy!:beer: n good luck! :thumbsup:


Absolutely gorgeous, you really got an epic feel here, I can’t wait to see where you go witht his. Awesome work. Keep it up, you are definitely getting there.